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MACCRAY Senior High School Reviews

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I loved my experience at MACCRAY. The teachers were always very helpful and kind and I feel I got a great start on my education here. I have met many great people through the district and have been offered many great opportunities. I would not trade my experience here for anything. The only thing I would change is building the new school and passing the referendum sooner!
I liked that I went to a small school, so you knew everyone and every teacher. Since it was so small, all the teachers were very approachable if I needed help. Also, I liked how my school had a four day school week. However, I would change it so all of the junior and senior high had laptops instead of only the senior high. I feel like typing skills on a keyboard is important.
I had a wonderful experience at MACCRAY High School. The only downside was the lack of an auditorium. I think what would make this school truly phenomenal is if an auditorium was built so the theatre kids could have a place to express themselves and their art. MACCRAY's current productions are performed in a gym, which complicates things for both the drama students and the students in sports.
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I really liked this school! All of the teachers were super nice to me, although they did assign a lot of homework.
At MACCRAY school, one of the nice things is that is is a small school, so you get a chance to get to know your teachers; therefore, they are more willing to work with you. MACCRAY also offers many opportunities to earn dual credits for a small school. I would like there to be more opportunities to get help in certain subjects, particularly math, science, and English. I know that I could have had a much higher ACT score if I had had the opportunity to better my math skills. I also think that MACCRAY should have more opportunities to get public speaking exposure. Many students are afraid to speak in public and I think if they spoke in public, they would not be as afraid.
MACCRAY is a small school with, on average about 40-50 kids. There are plenty of opportunity at MACCRAY for kids to do. Since the school is so small the teachers and the staff get to know you and they want to know you. The people of this community do a lot for the high-school. There are plenty staff that are willing to help you if you would choose to use it. The school is working hard on the technology aspect for the school and trying to be a step ahead of the students since they give students Ipads to work on there assignments. If someone asked me about the school and if they should come or send their kids, I would say "I would highly recommend becoming a MACCRAY Wolverine".
At our schoo, we have locked doors during school hour times, which makes visitors go to the office door where the office workers have a camera and a button to make our school safe. We have security cameras that are accessible at any moment needed. We do not have any police or safety services within our building, nor do we have a school nurse. Overall I think we have a good school that is very safe.
We offer sports for both that are even thoughout the school year along with academic clubs. Some academic clubs we offer include math league, knowledge bowl, and BPA. At our school, I see a trend of the athletic kids going out for both sport and academic opportunities. Very few students are just doing extracurricular opportunities with academics, but they are all fun options.
Our school is unique because our educational books are on iPads, and we have a four day school week. We have had iPads for four years, and our technology in our school has greatly increased since we have started. We have had a four day school week for eight years now and have been passing AYP tests. I would choose to go to my school again because of the schools around the area, I would not choose.
We have great resources and facilities.
The food tastes bad most of the time.
Our school is very strict.
We are a very healthy and safe school.
Not a lot of people are in these groups.
The school gives us tons of opportunities!
My overall experience at this school was good. It is basically the typical high school experience, although it is relatively smaller than other schools. I wouldn't choose this school again, because I want a school that has more options and diversity, where not everyone knows each other.
The food services have changed over the years because of what Michelle Obama created with her new health program. The cafeteria was just recently updated, so now it looks and feels a lot better. The food options vary, not all students like what they have to offer each day.
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teachers are there to help students with school or person life if its interrupting there school performance. after school teachers stay in their classrooms for about a half hour incase students need to talk to them.
i was a freshmen when a girl in my class got pregnant. there was no responsibility pushed toward that girl or the guy. teachers didnt care she was pregnant. there were kids in the bathroom doing drugs they were brought into the office and sent home. the teachers respond to what goes on in their classrooms but not what goes on in the hall way.
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