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MacArthur Ninth Grade School Reviews

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it’s an okay school. they should allow the kids to have more freedom, they treat us like middle schoolers. they also should provide better food, the food is nasty except a few things.
The teachers help the students and support them.
Safety is very important. There are metal detectors and police are always available.
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The coaches are helpful and very supportive. The school offers alot of activities.
I have had a wonderful experience at this school. You feel united and as one at this school with everyone. The majority of the school accepts you and welcomes you.
In my opinion, I don't think there is much safety in the school. We do have fire drill practices, but that is about it. The school contains two metal detectors that I believe do not function well. We have backpack searches by teachers themselves, which is somewhat helpful. I don't know much about the school nurse, but I hear she is absent a lot.
I enjoy the extra time given to students when we stay after school. There is also Saturday school given to us; as a way to help educate the teens who struggle with a certain school subject. The clubs in the school are also very cooperative with the staff there. I find journalism to be the best part of the school. This is due to the fact that it is the most fun and educational class I've ever had.
Well I do enjoy teachers at this school, but I find this school to be a bit strict. We rely mostly on the tutorials and or extra help given to us by certain staff members. The way the school deals with discipline, is what I think to strict. The food is not all that great either, but at least we get many choices to choose from.
Here, we have the most dedicated teachers I've ever known. Giving us advice on how it is like in the near future. These teachers understand that not all us teens have it easy, so they make sure to assist us in every way possible. I am grateful for many of the teachers I have met. Most can be serious but also very entertaining as well.
I have a computer class where the new computers keep crashing .
some students are involved while others have no after school activities.
Although some questions are to hard to understand, my teachers help me by showing me step by step on how to answer them.
Their are many options for clubs and organizations. Students are free to attend the organizations.
The teachers help the students as much as they can to later accomplish greater goals.
Their are many sports to join you just have to try out and show your determination.
I have not really seen bulling occur in the school.
The administration is good enough, but their are some things that can be changed.
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Over all the is great the students follow the rules most of the times, and if they don't they will suffer some consequences.
The cafeteria food comes in different styles and flavor.
I never know what their giving for lunch. By fourth period i'm already dreaming about eating a cold sandwich. Even though i'd prefer to have a good home cooked meal, when your hungry you eat anything. I don't like my school's food. I used to like the nachos they gave every Tuesday & Thursday, but they started giving this nasty meat that taste so dry. I always end up getting a burger or a cold sandwich.
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