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MacArthur Middle School Reviews

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I like the diversity and clubs. But the teachers and administrators are not doing a good job at there safety. There is a fight almost every day 6,7,8 graders there are a few people that respect the school property,education. Many people call other people "gay" when doing something that is remotely bad. -Austin
During my time in MacArthur people are fighting constantly punishment is over for small things and small for big things such as fighting and doing drugs. I would change many of the policies and have more teachers.
This school is one of those crappy I-have-nowhere-else-to-send-my-kid-so-they'll-just-go-here schools. I cannot stress how upsetting it was when I witnessed a full fight on my first day of school. Nearly everyone there is dangerous to be around, and there are few you'd want to be around. The curriculum is not very fulfilling and the teachers (when I attended) were not that great. But other than the dirty environment, unexpected violence, bad academics, careless admin, crappy teachers, and no sports whatsoever, this school is great!
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This middle school is very diverse and I have a received a great education here. I feel this school has prepared me for the real world.
The students here are generally very rude, disrespectful and ill-mouthed. They don't care about their education whatsoever! There are constantly fights between students and the administrators don't do a very good job with handling them. So many teachers quit every year so we always have new teachers.
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