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I was afraid of being that "new" girl, so I went in with my head held high and my confidence through the roof. Because I put myself out there on the first day of class, I made friends that lasted all four years. I'll never forget them and the people they introduced me to. I remember my teachers and how much I was able to learn from them and all the clubs I joined. I met more and more people there and overall we had a blast. I also remember taking theatre which was a blast while it lasted. Everyone at the school was so accepting and it was very reassuring to see. However, I do see that there is room for improvement in this school. I believe if more teachers tried to reach out to more students, we would have a safer school and would be significantly more united.
Offer more for students, include programs for students that don't fit in with the current set-up. Students feel as if they have to meet a certain grade average or be in sports to be important. The current system discourages students to continue to push hard.
I love going to this school this school taught me so much. I highly recommend the JROTC program at MacArthur High School in NEISD, it has truly helped me prepare for adulthood and college
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MacArthur High school is a very diverse school with many great opportunities to be apart of something. We are very welcoming and make others feel that they can belong to anything they are interested in. This high school gives you such an experience. Even though my senior year was cut short due to the corona virus, watching what my sister got to do, made me realizes how much the school cares about us. Many teachers not only taught us what was required to learn but also what we would experience after high school. Most of them care about their students and make sure they are well taken care of while they are attending school. I know I have a select few of teachers I can go to and it does mean a lot. Our fine arts programs are exceptional at best. They show just how good of a school we are. One thing we could work on is making people feel more welcomed at lunch that don't have people to sit with. Other than that the school is phenomenal.
Many things go unnoticed by administration on this campus. Music program (orchestra) is amazing! It is what kept me in school on several occasions.
My experience at MacArthur High School is very good. Our school is one of the smallest in our district. It is literally a box for most classes. It is also very diverse and accepting of all. We have a lot of ways to become involved.
Overall the school tries to have student involvement, some teachers get carried away with their own political views and try to push that on students. I would like for the counselors and staff to put more effort in preparing students for college & have more opportunities to practice for SAT OR ACT.
At macarthur high school, there is a wide variety of people from students to teachers. You can find people from all walls of life. From athletes to musicians to actors to academically advanced individuals. I started high school scared to be my myself and begin something new but Mac became comfortable and motivating for me as a student and person. I love the school colors and the mascot and those who flaunt them with pride.
The school has really great fine arts programs and language programs but the clear backpack rule is bullcrap
At MacArthur it is very easy to get involved with the community. MacArthur high school is a very welcoming and open environment for all. Everyone is there to help you succeed and be the best version of yourself that you can be .
I had no problems at this school other than the food. At times the food was almost unbearably disgusting and manufactured. The teachers I have had were very nice and supportive and had a large contribution to my success in my classes. The administrators may come off as "boomers" but they are, for the most part, very in touch with the community of the school and don't say things too many times.
It was okay, not bad. The teachers are okay & the food sucks. I really like the breakfast biscuits though, those are really good. The classes help you and the counselors do their job by helping you have a set plan for you 4 years
as a new senior, coming to MacArthur i was able to make a lot of friends through the dance team. teachers are very nice and have great teaching methods
It's a good high school, not the best but tolerable. The teachers can be either very good at teaching which most are but there are few exceptions.
MacArthur is a decent school. However, compared to most in the district, MacArthur stands out as one that exceeds standards without excluding students. I have been able to excel in my academics without fear of being excluded from privileges of being a top ten percentile student. Of course, I still had to work for my position, but I don't have to fear being overlooked as inferior to a tenth percentile student. I would like to see more appreciation for other organizations beside the sports programs, more specifically football. The arts, language clubs, and even other sports groups get neglected for our relatively bad football team; funds get cut constantly from the arts and other programs to maintain the football team, which shows no fruit for it. I've had to work in a theatre department that has been forced to produce one show throughout the year due to lack of funds for the program.
Mac has been a great school for me. I’ve made good friends and have a great relationship with my teachers. The teachers genuinely care about us students and do everything they can to help us be successful.
Macarthur is an excellent school the students are friendly.The teachers you can learn a lot from them and there’s many club organizations to join in.
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I enjoyed my experience at MacArthur High School. There was a variety of clubs and activities that you can join based on your interests. The teachers are very helpful and have the students best interests at heart.
Macarthur has a great theatre program, where I gladly spent most of my time. However, the teachers could do to be more understanding and supportive of the arts and how much time students dedicate to extra curricular activities. Life at mac was very stressful and oftentimes an unfriendly environment from students
MacArthur has a lot of opportunities for all student but faculty and staff don't do a good job of showing all students everything they can do for their future. I personally missed out on a lot of opportunities because I was never informed. Near the end of the school year only the seniors who were graduating summa had an assembly for scholarships and all these other opportunities.
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