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The teachers and faculty at MacArthur High are extremely intentional with each and every student in the sense that they take the time to help student grasp the material and to be successful in all life aspects.
Macarthur High School is a well rounded excellent school. Academics are great and they have multiple opportunities for every student that attends. Although the cafeteria food sometimes is not great, the lunch ladies and staff do work hard and always have a smile on their face. Overall Macarthur is a loving school that cares for every student and helps them strive to success.
Nothing would have made my experience at Macarthur Highschool like my friends and counselors Jerry Santos and Katy Seeley.
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I liked the fact that majority of the staff members always make you feel welcome to ask questions/help.
I attending Gateway Success Center an alternative school the last 2 years. I am completing Highschool in three years. I decided it was best for me to return to more of a mainstream high school for my senior year. To be able to participate in May organizations and sports.
I moved to MacArthur High School for my Senior year. I was able to easily get involved in the arts program with Drama 2, Debate and Speech, and Stage Crafts. It has been a journey making friends my Senior year when everyone was pretty well accustomed to each other already. Overall, MacArthur was a welcoming environment and although it took some time, I was able to make great life long friends. We all cannot wait to experience graduation together!
The majority of the teachers really care about what they're teaching, and they do a good job. The clubs and organizations are excellent and easy to become involved with. Since it's situated in a military town, the student population is easy to meld with. New students are a common occurrence, and most if not all fit in very quickly.
MacArthur is a great school that provides students excellent leadership opportunity and is a very student led school. MacArthur needs to do better academically.
Overall, MacArthur is a good school however, the teachers could be kinder to the kids that they teach. The school could use some work on it architecturally, but the people in it are what make it enjoyable.
MacArthur High School is a good school. There are many clubs and organizations you can be involved in and the teachers are very caring. They notice when you are down and are there to help you whenever you need it. Many will go the extra mile when you are struggling in any subject. The principals and counselors always go above and beyond to make sure our school runs smoothly and support everyone in anything they do. MacArthur is all around a good school.
MacArthur High School helped me grow as a person. The students and most teachers were always kind and always helped when they had the opportunity to. The thing I would change most would be to not be afraid of change. The same routine gets boring along with the same dances and assemblies. Be more inclusive with students not just with the people who are in the student council.
I have attended MacArthur High School all four year of high school and it has been a rollercoaster ride. MacArthur offers multiple clubs for students to get involved with along with sports. Our students love to school spirit at sporting events. My school is a very character based school and wants everyone to feel important. Our staff are very helpful and all want the best for us! This is definitely a place that I will miss when leaving for college.
I like that the teachers are willing to stay after school. The teachers, principals, and counselors attend all the sports games and purchase merchandise for each team. The student body is overall welcoming. The clubs are all inclusive and give the students multiple opportunities for community service and fellowship.
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What I like about MacArthur High School is the character our school has. We have tons of Highlander pride and wear it proudly. Another thing I like about Mac is that all of the faculty is willing to help you when you don’t understand something. They are all super understanding
Love the diversity of the school of all the student! Would like to see the teachers be more accommodating.
MacArthus hs is known as the “preppy” school out of three in Lawton, OK. But the best school of Character. My school has gotten rewards on our character. Others might call it preppy but it’s fun. School spirit is what lights school up. Every day I go to school, somebody or something finds a way to make me smile. It’s not as rough compared to the other two schools. Less dramatic, also known as the “best” school in Lawton too. We have a great athletic program, great clubs, and an exceptional student body. The only complaints would just be the teachers nagging on wearing our student IDs, dress code, etc., but at the end of the day, I know the administration is what keeps the school in order
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Admirable dedication to their craft. Just wish they had more artsy opportunities/involvement. Although some administration is more uptight and self-centered, overall, faculty and staff make sure that their expectations exceed the norm :)
I started at Mac as a sophomore not knowing what to expect of this school on the other side of town. I was new with about one friend that had transferred the year before I did. Despite my situation, Macarthur immediately made me feel welcome. Most everyone was friendly in all of my classes, especially in choir, which is my comfort place at school. Choir was a bit different because they had a new choir teacher, so I wasn't alone in being new. There were also several students that were new to that particular choir class, so I had a great opportunity to become a part of the choir while it was still becoming one.
Now I'm about to be a senior and I can't wait for the opportunities and experiences in store for me in my last year at Mac.
Macarthur is the absolute best school I’ve ever attended.From the academics of the sports MacArthur tends to try to involve every single student. The school environment in general is one that cannot be described as anything other than magical. There is an all-around healthy and encouraging environment. All of the faculty members, no matter what role they play, involve themselves in student life as well as doing their jobs. MacArthur is a school that I would recommend to anyone.
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