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I truly appreciate the diversity within the school, because I am able to witness all the different cultures and groups of people intermingling in one place.
Interesting...I had a good experience with some of my teachers, but it was a disappointment from transferring from a small Christian school. The level of involvement with the activities that I had previously was so much less accessible. The school nurses really helped me through this difficult transition.
Over all it’s a very good and standard school, also many opportunities are given to students such as free Ap classes and scholarships opportunities. The teachers are amazing and it has a lot of clubs and extracurriculars. It is a really good school and I really appreciate all the opportunities it’s given me.
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Overall , if you apply yourself , you will succeed and do well. There’s a good amount of students present that care about their future and education. On the other hand , there will always be those that do not care and just want to be babysat since the government requires them to attend so they make the school quality less. But overall, the school was awesome and it’s one of the better schools in the Irving district. It has a lot of potential and a lot to offer to students. I will miss going to this school! I made awesome memories with amazing teachers and peers.
I went to MacArthur High School for four years where I experienced what at the time seemed to be an acceptable learning environment. MacArthur gave me many opportunities to get involved, but when it came to academics and quality of learning it was subpar. I was enrolled in seven AP classes over all four years and when May came around and it was time for AP test I only felt prepared for two my whole time at MacArthur. Learning systems were very disorganized, jumping from subject matter to another subject matter without ever fully learning material. Learning environments were not ideal, and class periods were not used to their potential. Although in the school day lack of enthusiasm for learning was present, the teachers did make themselves available and always had tutoring opportunities available. I loved my four years at MacArthur socially, but educationally it lacked the extra measures needed to prepare me for college.
My experience at Macarthur is a good one. I enjoy all my classes there mostly because of the teachers' hospitality and has a good grade system. The facilities are also good and there's decent management. You can also feel very secure too because of the police that are in school during school hours.
I enjoy my experience overall enrolled at MacArthur, I love playing volleyball for my school and making friends, but the teachers are on the ambivalent side. You either have teachers that are amazing at teaching, but there are some that don’t teach very well.
The school has helped me with mostly everything I have has questions or concerns about regarding me and my future and has truly helped me become better and more mature.
As a freshman at MacArthur High School, my experience has overall been delightful. I came from a private school and the transition has been successful. I absolutely love the programs and extracurricular activities it provides. Though, I wish people could care more for opportunities given to them. Not everyone is fortunate to go to school and I wish people could see they are lucky to be getting an education. As I am not doing the best financially, if I could get this scholarship, it would help me to further my path and journey for my career. This would help the experience for other generations to come to be great as mine.
The school is great. I met lots of new people and the teachers and staff where all so fun and cool. The teachers care about your future so they push you to a successful life. The staff doesnt give up on you they help with anything you need.
amazing enviorment a school I would recommend for kids to go for a great 4 years of education. Everyday I stepped foot into that school the staff was very welcoming it was very well policed made sure safety was a priority. Good attitudes from everybody rare trouble all around the school. school was always kept clean. Everybody in class doing work great teaching there was always help when needed.
I like all of the options for extracurriculars! I'd like to see more communication between the staff and administrators about announcements.
The teachers I had always helped me and would stay late for tutoring if needed. Some would even come on weekends to help. The administrators would connect with the students and treat them as young adults. There was not a problem with bullying. The only main problem is how there was a lot of fighting. I would like to see the fighting decrease by a lot.
The school is overall pretty good. The 2 issues they have is food on the cafeteria and less computer science classes.
My experience at MacArthur has been fun. I started out freshman year as a purely academic student, but now I participate in several extracurriculars. The majority of the teachers here are great, and most strive to do what's best for the students. One of the most specific thing to our school is our unique sense of school spirit. We have spirit days during the football season and so any events and activities. MacArthur also has a lot of alumni teachers and students willing to participate, despite the lack of a winning football team. Now on the negative side, there are a lot of fights at school, and for some stupid reason, a lot of vaping in the bathrooms. To me, that's more of a personal issue. I wouldn't want any of that on my permanent record. If you stay with the right kind of people then it shouldn't be an issue. Anyway, I'd say that overall, MacArthur is a great school! You can earn a lot more than common core here, and I'm thankful for that.
What I like about MacArthur High School is that they give you the opportunity of expressing yourself and becoming more involve around school also they take your opinion serious. The only thing that I would like to see to change is for students to have more resources among clubs.
MacArthur is a good school. I like the athletic department, Its different and very fun and it shows obedient towards the players. The school can change a lot on the students, like not much strict on the what we can do around the school. But this school is a good for most students especially in the area.
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I have enjoyed my high school experience. I have attended all 4 years and I have enjoyed going to the games and the pep rally's. It is easy to get involved and be apart of an organization. Teachers care about you and want to see you succeed. Being a cardinal means you're always a cardinal. Alumni is very important to the school and it is big in sports. Being apart of MacArthur has been a very fun experience and i can't wait to experience college.
MacArthur is a great school where students learn and interact everyday. There teachers are very friendly and helpful. As a student of MacArthur High School I have been here since freshman year and I am thankful to be a senior in the direction that I've been leaded to.
I do love my school. It is a large school so there are so many different opportunities, clubs and organizations you can join. There is definitely something for everyone. The teachers are supportive and they care about you and they want you to succeed. I am involved in cross country and track. The students on my team are my family. I will miss MacArthur High School when I graduate, but I am looking forward to a new adventure.
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