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I liked that some teachers actually care about their students. In sports you’re not only a team but you’re family.
What I liked about MacArthur High School is how every day it will be a different day. Each student came with a goal tu succeed in every class. Staff, students, and parents are very involved in school spirit when it comes to events a big community that is united. Teachers give all their dedication to give each student the satisfaction to want to learn and succeed.
I think it is a decent school. Mainly because some of the rules aren't that great. Yes,the school has been a bit more lenient with the dress code. However,i don't think as a female i should feel like the staff cares more about what i wear than what boys wear. It isn't fair. Although i have problems with the school,some the teachers are amazing and deserve so much gratitude for what they do for us.
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Most of the administration shows they care about their students. The school spirit definitely improved this year thanks to the class of 2020! It would be great if they were more appreciative to their AP kids as we often got overlooked. The band is great and always got everyone bumping at the football games. They never failed to get the crowd hyped as well as the players. Our tennis team is also great which they could also get a little more recognition. Most of the teachers do a good job in being there for their students in a sense of academics and on a personal level. Teachers in the AP hallway are more than willing to stay afterschool to make sure you really understand the material and get you ready for the AP test that could give you college credit and save you money. The custodians are great at keeping our campus clean and are always sweet. The lunch ladies are also very great and kind other than the one lady in the deli line that always seems to have an attitude for no reason.
MacArthur Highschool gave me the best Highschool experience ever. I wouldn't change it even if I were given the chance to. It was unique in so many different ways, from the student activities to the learning done in class. I would honestly love for my future children to have a highschool experience as great as the one offered by MacArthur Highschool.
Honestly there’s was nothing to hate on that school . The teachers are amazing , they don’t only teach you a concept that helps you understand but give you advice that one day you’ll be thankful for. They also make sure your days are good and that your experience are amazing .
What I like about MacArthur High School is that the school has ALOT of school spirit which I love that includes dress up days, pep rallies, events, etc! The teachers, principal, and the counselors go beyond and above for the students which it makes me feel like home and that I have an adult to count on. The teachers go beyond for their students to make sure they understand every lesson and they make it fun at the same time. So if you are looking into attending a high school I highly recommend MacArthur High School 10/10!
Even tho I would say I didn’t like High school, I can say now that those 4 years turned into best years ever. Sadly my senior year had to end because of the coronavirus. However I’m still going to remember the way the principals and counselors would help us with everything. I love the way we’re all so energetic and hands on especially when it comes to pep rally’s. I love how some of the people that work there turn into people you can trust and open up to. MacArthur was/is a good school and I’m so happy I was part of it.
MacArthur High School has a lot of school spirit. Every wall you would see is filled with art made by the students. I had lots of fun participating in the dress up weeks. The administrators also were very encouraging in making the environment of the school really positive. I also really enjoyed being part of the clubs and AP classes because the teachers and sponsors motivate you to achieve and stride for success.
Lively energy throughout my entire career here at this school. It has brought me many connections with people in different careers.
What I like about MacArthur High School is that the teachers and counselors are very involved with all students. They repeatedly express that they want what is best for us to become successful in the future. Even though we do not have a lot of resources, they always strive to make the best out of what they have. One thing I would like to see change is the school pride. The school needs to have more pride and pep in school activities. Having more pride would positively affect the schools' environment.
The things I enjoy about my school is that teachers care about you as a student and a human. Teachers are always on your back getting you ready for college or university. They always want you to succeed and grow. Some challenges or things that can change could be the facilities such as the counselor area, it feels quite bland and boring.
I love MacArthur because I am a male cheerleader and the fact that they let me be a part of a beautiful team is just amazing and we have a lot of Pride in what we do!!
My experience at MacArthur High School was overall okay. The only thing I really enjoyed was being in band because I was mostly surrounded by hard working people trying to reach the same goal I was. The one thing I didn’t really like was the schools overall environment, a lot of the students that go here are disrespectful not only to peers but teachers as well. The one thing I would change is spreading more positivity around, because I feel like people act up out of how their emotions caused by many things that teens these days go through.
I love our sports and the music departments because they are the ones that exceed the most. I had a blast playing for the volleyball team, we treated each other like family. It was my absolute favorite part of high school and I will miss it however, I am ready to graduate. Also, I was able to connect with various teachers, they gave me advice on my future and college. If you connect with your teachers, you have the ability to speak to somebody about your future and any concerns. They were very helpful and I am so grateful to have shared my conflicts with them.
what I liked about MacArthur high school is the community and the growth of academic and the teachers giving their all to the students. I like the school environment in which the students put off to others.
There are many teachers that really care about their students and want them to excel beyond high school. They take the time to know their students on a personal level and share their experiences on how to grow as an individual. As far as change, it would be nice if some renovations could be done for the school.
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MacArthur High School is NOT your Average high school. why, because here they offer many wonderful and exciting activities after school. We have no dress code witch is great for the good parts
The teachers here are really nice. The students can be crazy at times but high school life is relaxing here.
Very good school for the area. Glad to see an excellent education being available to the lower income area that I grew up in.
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