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MacArthur High School has really great staff, I love my teachers and my administrators. The staff treat you as if you are their own child, and that’s really good especially when your going through rough times at school and need to talk to an adult about it.
I loved my clothing class because it helped me gain more knowledge about the field I want to go in for my career. I learned so many different techniques to utilize while I’m making clothes. My clothing teacher was my favorite teacher of all because she was always there for me when I needed help with anything. I also loved being on my cheer team for the time I was because it helped me develop very good relationships with the other girls at my school. My favorite part of it was when we would have performances at our games because it gave us a chance to show our school that there’s so much more that goes into being a cheerleader than what one might think.
MacArthur was a great school experience wise. However, the learning experience was very hot and cold depending on the teachers. I enjoyed myself and because I was an honor student with college and AP courses, it made it quite easy to fit in in my environment.
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I liked how they tried to make it a fun environment for everyone. I like how they include the special ed students by letting them play a basketball game and cheer. Sometimes the school while hire a dj during lunch periods. A lot of the staff members and teachers are relatable and down to earth.
What I like about MacArthur High school is the learning environment . Something that I would like to see change is the way the teachers involve themselves with the students and actually show that they actually care about there success in the future.
The best thing about MacArthur is the diversity. They just got a brand new state of the art building
Teachers are very well in educating the student. Students that are disrupted education behaviors will be sent out of class. Security is okay. The newly renovated building has minor issues but overall alright.
My experience at MacArthur was a great experience. The teachers are very involved and willing to help and I feel like they have done a good job preparing me for college. The one thing that could be better is the discipline, there are a lot of students that seem to ruin the experience for others, thats the only thing MacArthur needs to improve on in my opinion.
The thing I like most about MacArthur High School is that the teachers want to see the students work to the best of their abilities, and the teachers are willing to work with the students if they need help. I would like see a change in the amount of security. Now don't get me wrong, there's a lot of security, just not enough.
I really like the school! It has so much opportunities for you to be apart off. For example, I love art, so, I am apart of Art Club. Safety and Learning is great. Lots or amazing staff and surprisingly great food!!
My overally experience at Macarthur High School was very interesting. We went through about 4 principals within my 4 years of attending. My graduating class of 2017 went through many trials and tribulations as a whole, they pretty much used us as their “lab rats” The school spirit at Macarthur is through the roof. You will never find another fan section as hype as the Macarthur Generals!
the classes are good and the people there are decent
they need better food and less fighting and it needs better administration because not every teacher follows dress code. even better get rid of the uniforms
The average classes did not do a good job at preparing students for college. Luckily, the honors classes did.
I feel that as long as the students took their education seriously, they had the abilities to do well later on in life. Honestly, the average class and basic classes (non-honors) did not do the best job at preparing the students for college.
Great teachers in the advanced placement courses. Strong in diversity and offered an experience I will never forget.
I love my school it's fun, smart, and life changing. One thing that needs to change is the students they need something that wants to make them learn.
MacArthur is the best high school in Decatur. The teachers are very supportive, the administration may be strict but it's fair and the education will help lead the way to success. I would like to see some teachers taking their job and their students education more seriously, proper planning because some teachers just
throw out random assignment due to failure on their part as a teacher, fair and just treatment off all students because some are exempt and held higher than others.
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I would like the staff and administration find a way to get the word out more about after school activities or anything that might be beneficial. I would also wish that there were not as many fights and I felt safer in the hallways. I also want teachers to take notice of bullying more often and keep tabs on their students and their actions more. The last thing I would like to see change is I want the school to focus less on whether someone is barely out of dress code and focus more on our academics. I do however like how some of the teachers will push you to be your best and will not give up on you, even when you want to give up on yourself.
I valued my experience here and got to meet and interact with a diverse group of students and staff.
I am a student attending MacArthur high school and have attended for all my four years. It has been an amazing experience since the start, I had a chance to meet new friends and get more involved in my school community. This school is included in the district 61 and ever since I was little I always remain in this district and the schools involved because they offer many opportunities that makes the kids more active and always a way to learn more.MacArthur high school is not just any school but also my home and to many other students I can say. .Once a general always a General! This school offered me an opportunity to go see what i really wanted to do in my life as a career and thanks to this school before I graduated school I knew what I wanted to do.
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