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Mabton Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Mabton high school is a small school but full of motivating teachers that only want the best for their students. Although we are a small town, the staff is very helpful and when a problem arises they are always there to help the students fix it. We have a small school but very big dreams. One thing I do wish would change is the spirit coming from the students. It all begins with us to make the change. I love this school.
I have attended Mabton Jr/Sr High School my entire life. *currently attending* It’s a very small school but the advantage of it all is you actually get to know each other. We’re all do similar. Mabton is the place you would want to go.
My experience in Mabton Jr Sr High School was an average experience. I would like to say for the small district it is you can't expect much from it. Yes, it has the needed classes but not many electives which Is something I would like to change. The lack of opportunities for many young children is a massive downfall within the school system. Not only this but, bullying sadly, plays a part in what makes Mabton Jr Sr High not at its best. I, personally, was bullied in my first years attending this school and nothing was done about it. In the coming years they came to try and make a difference but it hasn't really change, I can see it is coming about in the hallways sneaking around the staff and faculty. I do what I can to protect the children of the school but I'm not much help. But, we as a school come together in the time of need, we have each others back and protect out own. Overall, I would not recommend this school only because of their lack of opportunities.
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What I like about Mabton jr/se high school is the amount of support we are able to get from our teachers or any staff member
Hi my name is Adrian and I'm currently attending Mabton High School. The school is very small having around 300 to 500 students in the high school which i value greatly because i can communicate with people more easier and become good friends with the teacher. Also, Mabton teachers offer help after school which is great for students that struggle in classes but the schools needs to have a upgrade such as having better computers, books, and food. An, yes the towns income is very low which is why the schools budget is very low and depends upon the funds from the government to keep the school running well. Overall, my experience in Mabton High school went well from the help of the teachers and also the great support from my friends.
One thing that I really liked about mabton high school was that it was a nice small school. I graduated from mabton high school just last year with the class of 2016 and from my freshman year of high school there to my senior year mabton had rised up, better staff, safer school, better programs, and sports for mabton rised up. Mabton high school is just getting better every year and that's good to know. I will always be proud to say that I graduated from Mabton high school.
Mabton High Schools strives to provide a learning environment that is both engaging and challenging. The teachers provide an atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement on a daily basis.
Parents don't really get involved
Some teachers have their favorite students treat students unequal
The bullying has minimized with the help of the upper class-men trying to set an example. Our school however is located in a high poverty area so our security is not the same as a higher income school. I feel much safer and secure at this high school compared to the public community college I attend my Running Start classes.
I am very active in many extracurricular activities; there are few to choose from but they are great programs. Some of the programs offered include: FFA, FCCLA, math club, chess club, robotics, and sports. Our FFA club was recognized in 2014 nationally for having many members and for participating and achieving success in state competitions. Many of the clubs require a lot of commitment but also include fun trips and community activities. The staff and administration also shows support support.
The experience at this school has been great. I did however choose to do Running Start to get a better education as well as more variety in the types of classes offered. I enjoyed the teachers and the atmosphere of the students, but the parents involvement has decreased from what I have observed.
The quality of the teachers is great, and their teaching styles vary making it easier for students to find the way they learn best. All of the teachers I have had in the past have shown great interest in my success as well as my peers. There have been few circumstances in which my teachers haven't had a consistent grading process, this has been mended over time. However I find many teachers leave after a year or two thus why I rated the staff as great and not at it's best. Also because they are always looking to improve.
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