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This is a place where people come together and make things happen.
Students and teachers collaborate in a productive and healthy manner to create change in the community. Mabank High school has amazing teachers and have consistently produced leaders and influencers. The school excels in academics, athletics, and in the fine arts thank you to the combined effort of everyone there.
It is a very well rounded school. They focus a lot on academics. The teachers and coaches are very good role models and are very helpful.
Honestly think its a great school, many different class options and we have a great band program and athletic program. Definitely a nice school very clean and the teachers and staff do whatever they can to make sure students come first.
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Mabank HIgh Schools students and staff make me feel at home. I transfered to Mabank in the 4th grade. Ever since then I have loved every second of it. From the supporting of sports, to the support of theater, and the wonderful cheerleaders that cheer everyone up. I know Mabank has changed me, and I would not change a thing about the past six years spent in this wonderful small town.
It’s a pretty good high school, all the teachers I have this year do they’re job. They offer a bunch of extra curriculars, and it has a great teaching environment.
Mabank has overall been a great school to attend. I have enjoyed every year I've been here and will take the stories of this school and give them to my future kids and hope to leave a legacy.
I liked how involved the teachers were with the students and how they helped in every way possible to make us as students successful in school and in life. There care for students academics and character is what sets them apart from most schools.
I go to a pretty decent school all around but when it comes down to me being ready for college it's a different story. Now a days everyone teaches to a test instead of to help kids learn and be ready for life. Yes some of the things that we learn will be useful but I need to know how to succeed in life not how to draw a bird. So instead of making it mandatory to have an art credit and things like that lets have the option to take a "Learn About Life Class" or something of the sort.
Mabank High School is in a small town. Everyone who goes to this school has grown up together, and we are all close. We have amazing teachers, which we are able to form bonds with. We have great academic programs; however, it could be improved if they took away their "20 point Policy". Basically, this policy states that if your homework is turned in a single day late, then you get 20 points taken off automatically. I don't believe the teachers here understand that we can't prioritize all of their classes on top of all of the organizations we are also involved in. Every night, I'm at school until 8 p.m. for theater rehearsal. This doesn't allow much time for homework by the time I shower and eat dinner. When teachers assign something and expect it done the next day, it makes it hard on the students who are involved in extracurricular things. If this could be changed, Mabank High School would be improved so much.
My career at Mabank High School has been shaped by 2 things: academics and organizations. In terms of a classes ability to ready me for college, the only experience I have received was in overall difficulty. No other training or preparations were given to me in terms of college readiness. However, I have found that through my relative intelligence and ability, I was lucky enough to be privy to the small select group of excellent teachers at this school. Organizations, though, are outstanding at this school. From the larger clubs like BETA, to the more minute clubs like Rotary, all organizations have an effect on the school and build a better culture, despite the lack of diversity. My high school experience was mostly shaped by friends, teachers, and my interest in chemistry, rather than any outstanding college readiness, sports, or administration help.
At Mabank High School I am enrolled as a senior. I have been here for all four years of my high school career. The atmosphere here is overall good. Our academics excels most schools with many class options available to us. They also prepare us for college very well. We have a CTE wing where we focus on our career path and take classes to advance our knowledge in that field we want to be involved in.
I have been in this district my whole life since kindergarten till my senior year and I can tell y’all it’s been GREAT I can’t believe I actually want to stay near by for college I don’t want to leave.
More dual credit classes to choose from. More qualified teachers for each subject. More foreign languages to choose from.
Mabank High School is pretty interactive, lots to do and calm environment. The food could really use some improvement and better planning.
My whole high school experience has been very welcoming. The staff is very nice and the students are some what always nice too. Mabank high school really tries to get everyone involved in something, if it’s a sport or club. I personally am in many clubs, DECA, BETA, student Council, and Robotics. I’m also involved in the Band as a color guard member , and dance in the Musicals. The school has great opportunities for any student to be in a club they would enjoy. However, something I would like to see change is the time management. Yes, the school wants you involved with everything, but they have no tolerance for late work. Which doesn’t seem so fair, I personally have practices till 7-8pm at night and then have to be prepared for a 6:50 am step off. It’s not easy to schedule at least 5 assignments in. The teachers should be letting us have more time to work on homework, but overall the school has been decently okay with the issue, I would just like to see more of a change.
overall the school is decent. they stress over things that do not matter, example, if a guy needs to shave when he hardly has a beard rather than kids smoking pot In the bathroom.
Mabank High School is known for its high test scores in the East Texas area. There are many CTE and career courses available, and this makes it easier for students to merge into a path that they'd like to follow the rest of their lives. AP courses are available to students who are academically inclined, and there are plenty of classes for those who are not. I would not be the person I am today without Mabank High School and the staff who has molded me into a young man seeking higher education.
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At this school I was involved with many character developing groups, clubs and teams ant the sponsors were very encouraging of our future aspirations. While the other teachers and authority figures have done very little besides to Make sure our STAAR scores are competitive with the rest of the state. The standardized tests the state and the school board put us through is not getting us ready for the real world in any way while there are a few teachers who have truly taught me how to get prepared for the college and what the world has in store for us young people and the future of our very own country. Even though this is an issue any school will have I will be able to adjust to college life none the less.
My experience at Mabank Highschool has been overall decent. The staff is proffessional and are quick to resolving any student issues. It amazes me the of the extent the disciplinary employess will go to ensure the safety of the student body. We have regular drills pertaining to fire, lockdowns, and tornados as the school is located in tornado alley. The teachers are overall extremely intelligent and it amazes that they are working at such a small school. They have an abudant amount of potential and I would love to see where they would end up. Overall, not a bad school. Students here lack motivation, but the teachers do their best and the curriculum is not difficult. For the more advanced students, there are AP and Dual Credit course provided.
My High School experience was okay until my senior year and then it ended up pretty rough! My senior year started off by my most important teacher to me getting arrested.He was the most important teacher at Mabank High School to me, because he was suppose to be the one teaching our Theory class to get our EKG Tech Certification. Well, it took a couple of weeks to find a replacement and that ended up putting our class a little behind! Then a little while before the first semester ended my pre-cal teacher ended up getting fired. She really had no idea on earth what she was doing. She was one of the laziest teachers I have had at Mabank.
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