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Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls Reviews

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Overall, I had a great experience at Ma'ayanot. The education I got in various subjects has helped me and will greatly benefit my life once I leave high school and enter the real world. Being in an all-female, modern-Orthodox environment has truly enabled me to flourish and get personal attention as well as invaluable experiences.
Excellent school, warm environment,varied course offerings and caring staff that goes out of it's way to help students. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Torah environment combined with great secular academics
Ma'ayanot has the best combination of secular and judaic studies from any school I've seen. The warm atmosphere and encouraging faculty is what makes Ma'ayanot stand out from everywhere else.
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I went into high school expecting to learn from teachers who appreciate their subjects and students and want to share the joy of learning with their students. However, the majority of the time was spent on preparing for tests, and the main academic goal seemed to be finishing the curriculum. The classes felt closed off and intolerant towards differing opinions. When I felt I could benefit from additional support, I was told I did not qualify for help, because apparently my problems were not 'serious enough'. The result was that I did not feel prepared as I could have been for college and further learning. In my opinion, learning at MYHSG was equated with test scores, and the administrators cared more about the results than the effort.
They are very accommodating to each students needs. The teachers could be a bit more warm. If you are in honors it will be very intense and a lot of work but if you are not it is not as hard. They allow you to be very independent.
The extracurriculars and staff are amazing. Very organized and fun.
I highly recommend applying and going there
While their college guidance department leaves a lot to be desired, Maayanot is a warm school that values each student and her opinions.
they all care deeply about their students
The nurse is rarely in school
I love it so much
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