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I loved the patience that the professors had with their students, since there were a lot of Hispanics, they not all of them spoke English and teachers were very patient in that aspect. Most of teachers were very friendly and it was a school that made us feel like home.

I would probably not make changes but add... to have more clubs, since it's such a small school, there aren't much clubs or outside activities.
the school could definitely use a lot of help in the food services. We would usually get left over food and cold food. since the school does not have a cafeteria the food would always be cold of soggy. There was always fruit and carrots but not enough food for every students or to much food that they had to give away.
This schools physical exterior may not look good but it is well kept with art and murals from students that make the school look and feel like a friendly, calm, and overall nice environment. There are two computer labs available to students anytime during school hours or before school. Their is also a small library where you can go in and do classwork or just sit and read a book. what i like the most about MAAC charter is the teachers and staff care about you and will do anything to help you past your classes with alot of encouragement. Most students who end up at this school is because other teachers or schools gave up on them and they did not want to deal with them. over all this school helps people who want to finish school but its tougher for them or their life situations hasn't allowed them to continue school. It has inspired me to help out teens who are in trouble of not finishing school and making them believe that they can get to the ultimate goal graduation day.
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My post graduate experience so far has been good. I am enrolled at a university after a year. I wish most of the MAAC graduate where the same as me enrolled at a university but since the school does not really give you options on how to get there or how to even get to a community college its hard to figure it out afterwords. They do tell you that its important to continue your education but not a lot of students have enough motivation or time after high school to keep going to school. It is also hard to get into a good school because the school is not very well known and if its known, its known for having bad kids who dropped out. A lot these students feel discouraged because of that but they find a way like i did to prove that its possible to get any where you want you just have to want it badly enough to do anything and everything it takes.
everyone at MAAC charter school has been thought a lot different life experiences. Thats what this school is for students who need more help because they have a family to support or don't have one at all. Everyone understands that so they help out each other and they help them learn from each others mistakes. There was never any big conflicts between people that couldn't be resolved. The schools rule was that if someone did something to you don't do it back to be the bigger person and tell someone about it and resolve the issues they had with the counselor or assistant principal.
the teachers care so much about you and your grade. they want to make sure you pass the class with the best grade you can get. if you have a low grade they will sit with you and tell you what you can do to bring your grade up and pass. in a way they are like parents they want whats best for you but they also want to be your friends and be there to help you out in any way possible even person issues. They are all counselors in a way they let you know there is confidence between you and them and makes students feel more special and they want to be there.
The extracurricular activities at MAAC are not that expanded. There is maybe three clubs including the science and recycle club, LGBT club and the art club. There is also multimedia class where you learn about computers, film making, editing videos and music and film critics. Choir and acting class was very fun to take because it was both singing and acting out different scenarios. There was also some dancing involved at times which was always a fun experiace.
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