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Very tight-knight school community. Various of the departmental programs are expanding such as their language arts and technology. Everyone is very friendly and open to lend a hand when needed.
I will honestly say that there are some amazing people at Lytle High School but the things that are wrong do tend to outweigh the good. Several teachers/administrators who truly try to improve students but lack of materials makes things hard to accomplish.
I would like them to change favoritism. It's a small town so most of the teachers graduated from Lytle so they know many of the student's parents. Therefore, there is a bit of favoritism and I don't like it at all.
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I spent about 6 years in this school and didn’t have many friends, i left a year ago 2018 and now i’m living like a king. This school was horrible and i always felt lonely, ones you make a friend they stab you in the back whit either a fight or saying inappropriate things. Every week their was a fight and now i look back and want to speak to every student a once and laugh at them.
Lytle High School could see some improvements in the teachers they hire, I would like to see more enthused educators and administration. High School should carry an energy that is anything but dreadful for students. Though Lytle High School excels in its promotion of extracurricular activities and clubs to get students with similar interests a space to be creative and interact, leading to an atmosphere that allows freedom and happiness. If they could bring the energy exuded in the extracurricular space to the classroom I believe students would be more well-rounded and prepared for the world outside of the small town. Students can only absorb the knowledge they want to, so making the classroom a place students and enjoy and grow is paramount. Overall Lytle is your average high school in your average small town, but taking little steps with students in mind could make classroom and extracurricular performance soar, making the school a highlight of a lackluster South Texas small town.
I like that Lytle high school is very family friendly. Everyone knows everyone, we are all close and have grown up together.
My experience going to lytle high school is very comfortable and very welcoming. The whole administration is very attentive and just caring.
To me ive been in lytle all my life and growing up there wasnt much to do or see because of course ive seen it all . Growing up with my classmates wasnt bad but they have their moments where they can be a pain , but the teachers were cool they had made sure we got our work done , they of course wanted the best for us but they had that heart as if we were there own . They took care of us , they understood us , its like we were able to talk to them about mostly everything . So i would say my school was pretty decent but sometimes they could be a little strict which is understandable. in conclusion my school was pretty decent .
I liked how the students were able to be involved in several programs offered at the school. I wish there were more clubs that students can join and be more interactive with the community.
In the four years of attending Lytle High School I enjoyed the experience. The teachers and staff are friendly and always willing to help any student with anything they need. It is in a small town and the community is close, almost like a family. I would like to see the school focus more on academics and not just fund the sports programs but the other extra curricular activities. The school's band and robotics team hardly get any recognition and funding is low. UIL events are offered but not emphasized, the soul focus of the school is sports. The sports programs are okay for a small school, but the sports most funded do poorly in competition. Academics will always be a necessity in the world in order to be successful in life. I would like to see a push in academic achievements rather than the push for athletic accomplishments.
I give Lytle high school a 4 star rating. I give them a 4 stars because of the teachers who work there, the coaching staff, and all of the staff really. This high school would not be anything if it wasn't for the people who help maintain it. The custodians are respectful and know the students well. The teachers are more concerned for the students success more than the parent on some occasions. It has been an overall great expirence for me because of how much the teachers connect to their students. Which I find very important to see a student grow.
I loved every thing i got a chance to experience at Lytle High School. I was involved in extracurricular activities throughout my four years that it made it a wonderful experience.
My high school experience has been great. The people here are so nice and the teachers care about the students. The district is great with with trying to introduce tech into school. Our school has many extra clubs that can be for anyone trying to pursue anything.
I am a senior at Lytle High School and I have attended within the district for over 7 years. Over the years, I have been able to witness the several changes in which the school has made. Within the last year, they have created a very high tech school, while giving IPADs to all the students. This program had its benefits at first, as the teachers and students became familiar with becoming paper-free, but as the years progressed students found ways to abuse our privileges and now the entire campus has to suffer for it. Other safety procedures have been added to our campus and it has made several of the students feel more safe. They have all the doors locked and each student has an access card to enter the building. Any visitors are required to press a call button to contact the front office so that they can unlock the doors. This has made the students have to worry less about our school keeping us safe.
I've had some good times and bad times at this school but the one program that kept me there and that I would go back for is the band program there. It is an amazing, family of kids and staff that care about much more than band but about their students and it's definitely something I would recommend, if the band director is still Mark Fender.
A select few teachers ar super dedicated to their work and take the extra initiative to teach their children inside or outside of the classroom. The majority of teachers are just punching a time clock and end up leaving the next year anyway.
In my for years of attending Lytle high, I not only met great teachers but also made life long friends. Many teachers went above and beyond for me and many other students. As well ass coaches who pushed you to do great on and off the field. To this day i still keep in contact with my favorite teachers whom always looked out for me and made sure i was succeed in school. If i were given the optionto have gone to another school knowing how great Lylte was, i would choose to remain there.
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This school has recently hired a police cop to walk the hallways and monitor the involvement going on in the school. It has helped keep the students and staff feel safe.
Around half of the people participate in clubs and organization. Others usually do the basic go to school, learn, go home, there is no involvement in clubs in certain students and the school is already small enough, more students should want to join the programs.
I am real big into sports, and I have learned so much from the coaching staff at Lytle High School, so that has mainly made my years as a pirate worth the stay. The only thing that has made my experiences as a pirate even better was participating in the cross country and track, state meets. Within the the cross country meet, the boys had won and are the first state champions and it was such an honor to have seen such greatness. My coach has taken runners to the state meet 10 years straight and it it was such an honor to be brought up into an amazing program.
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