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over amazing school. the staff clearly shows support and care for not only the students but also the parents. even the security guards have an amazing relationship with the students. what really shines about the school is the level of care they put into their minority students giving them as many chances as possible to improve themselves while also being understanding of their situation.
Lyons Township High School has made a huge impact in my life. I have learned very valuable lessons that I will think about throughout my life, and I have made a lot of awesome memories. The school has amazing spirit, and there are many fun events and dances to go to. There's also a large variety of clubs, so everyone can find something that they like. I enjoyed the majority of my classes, and I feel like I have become a well rounded student. However, there are a decent amount of teachers that made learning much harder than it needed to be, especially in the science department. Sometimes there is also a ridiculous amount of homework given in certain classes; some classes assign two hours of homework per class. Overall, this is a very good school, but just has some flaws that need to be fixed.
I am a junior at Lyons Township High School and the past 3 years I have attended have been some of the best. Lyons Township offers countless options for sports, clubs, and electives and never falls short of creating a sense of community. I have had the pleasure of getting to meet so many amazing students and staff members who I won’t soon forget. I have been able to push my academic limits and have been given so many opportunities through my school and the astounding teachers. I wouldn’t pick any other school in the nation to call my High School.
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Amazing experience both inside and outside of the classroom. Phenomenal faculty and teachers that are there to support students. Wide variety of clubs, athletics, and activities to be involved with. Great support system for students through counseling and academic support.
I love my school, and I would not want to go learn anywhere else. This place is where I met the people that have helped me through the hardest years of my life, and I believe I am here for a reason. Although I do believe it can improve, just like every other person and place in the world. I think they do an exceptional job hiring people that genuinely care for their students and peers. Many people are very supportive and help better your school experience. Not to mention the school spirit and sports, football games will always be something that when I reflect upon, I grin. There is no other feeling like yelling back and forth at your rival school, driving with the windows down after you win a game, or storming the court when your team makes the buzzer shot to win the game. These years are like nothing else I've ever experience in my life. Lyons Township is my safe place, a place where I can express myself and not be judged. I would not trade it, or my experiences with the world.
Overall Iv had a really good experience at Lt! For the most part my teachers we're always willing to help and stay after school for any questions. Environment is friendly and the lunch food is pretty good.
I liked how big of a school it was but at the same time our classes were small so we got a lot of one on one time with the teachers. The extra circular activities that Lyons Township provides are really fun and you get to meet a lot of new people each year of high school. One thing I didn't like was that there was no parking, every day I had to walk 10 minutes to school and then 10 minutes back to my car since my parking spot was so far away, and this isn't bad when it's nice weather out but for Chicago that is very rare.
The environment at LTHS is not only comforting, but motivating. The friendly faces greeting you throughout the day, the talkative security guards, and the eager student body. LT is the school to be at for excellence. With a graduation rate of 94%, this school does a great job in preparing students for the next phase of their life.
Prepared me for college, good teachers, good community. Had a good time in my four years there, slightly strict but it gets better when you move to the second campus.
My overall experience with Lyons Township High School is very good. The staff for the most part are all very friendly. They have lots of sports/club options and a good variety of classes to chose from. The only thing I would consider needs to improved is more diversity within the teachers, clubs, and school events for students to feel more comfortable and included.
lyons township is a great school with a lot of opportunity for all students who go to the school. I love being a student and admire the effort put into the school by the administrators, teachers, students, and others related to the district.
I am currently a senior at Lyons Township High School and I am proud to say that the past four years that I have spent here has been an overall amazing experience. The teachers go above and beyond to help you out when you need it, they are all very dedicated to see all of their students succeed. Especially during these unprecedented times all of the teachers as well as staff have been very resourceful and are doing there absolute best to be readily available for any questions and concerns. Additionally, words cannot express how much school spirit there is at Lyons Township, everyone is proud to be a Lyons Township Lion. Moreover, being a student here has not only helped me improve academically but also personally which I will forever be grateful for. To anyone who attends Lyons Township or will be attending, you are in the best hands possible so take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that it has to offer you, you will not regret it.
Lyons Township High School is an amazing school that I get the honor to be graduating from. The teachers care for all their students and want them to succeed in what they do. There is a wide arrange of classes, sports or clubs that students can take/be apart of.
I spent the last four years involved in so many clubs. LT has so many classes to offer that I was able to enjoy such as sports medicine.
Lyons Township is a great school academically. This school prepares you for college. The class levels are amazingly challenging and is what makes you want to push harder. One thing the school is lacking is diversity.
The teachers at LT are all very good. There's a lot of support at school and opportunity to succeed. Theres many clubs and student involvement within the school. Academics are good and prepare for college plans. LT has many support centers for academics and testing. Teachers and student tutors are always available at school for extra help and work. Teachers work together to make students work load not as heavy and wants the students to succeed.
Lyons Township has blown me away all 4 years that I've been there. The teachers go the extra mile to make sure you are learning and they provide us with so many resources to make sure the students succeed. They provide hours throughout the day (Before school, during study hall and after school) where students can "drop in" to get questions answered or just need help getting back on track. If I could change one thing about Lyons Township, I would update some of the technology there. First of all, the WiFi is very average and affects the speed of the laptops they provide. The laptops and computers we have are outdated and this makes it difficult to save or share our documents. I am confident that Lyons Township prepared me extremely well for college and I know the values I learned from high school will serve me well throughout my life.
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It is the perfect high school experience because although there are two campuses separating the freshmen/sophomores from the juniors/seniors, the class sizes are large enough that it feels like a full school.
I have had a wonderful experience here because of teachers, staff, and students. There is always someone available with a helping hand.
Overall, I had a very good experience at LT. There was a wide variety of classes and clubs to chose from. I felt like there was always something for someone there. The only thing I would change about LT is the understanding of some of the staff. Sometimes I felt that I wasn't understood or listened to. I had to go to further than normal lengths to get the understanding I needed as a chronically ill student.
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