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Lyons Senior High School Reviews

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I’ve grown up in Lyons! We’re a small town where everyone pretty much knows everyone, which brings both benefits and struggles. For example, I’ve an athlete and any team I’m a member of has this close-knit bond that I feel like you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Although with this, sometimes we don’t have enough interest in a sport to support a team, which is unfortunate.
Over the past 13 years or so that I have been apart of the Lyons School District, I have not only been provided an amazing education but I have also gained skills I will use following high school, and on top of that, I have made amazing friends along the way. I believe that my good experience at Lyons has stemmed due to the fact that Lyons is such a close-knit school and it is very easy to get involved with different activities and extracurriculars.
The relationships teachers build with their students are incredible. You can tell that they are passionate about their success.
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I love the teachers in the school, they are always helpful and are very engaged with the students. The teachers are very supportive of their students with in school activities and activities outside of school.
Lyons is not only my school but my family. Attending a school in a small town often is hard but the benefits outweigh larger schools. No matter your background, race, religion, or past….teachers & students treat you the same. Over my years at Lyons, I have learned so many valuable lessons that I believe I would not gain at other schools. Teachers inform us not only about school but about life lessons, self worth, and pride for a small town. Every student deserves to walk into school with crazy teachers who have already drank 2 cups of coffee, singing christmas lyons, we have such. In a school with less than 1,100 children in the district, I love having the chance to do 3 sports, the musical, and other clubs. The only changes I’d like see is having an option of water bottles rather than milk, it’d be very beneficial to ensure students are hydrated throughout the time at school and after school. Overall, my educational experience at Lyons was nothing but fantastic.
Lyons is a small town school and everyone feels right at home. It's easy to make friends and try new extracurriculars. The teachers here are dedicated to their students' education.
Great teachers who want to see you succeed and provide plenty of support. The school itself is a beautiful historic building. Love the brick style and pretty big open glass windows. They've done a lot to change the structure since I've graduated in 2014. One of which includes totally renovating the parking lot structure. Everything has improved in my opinion. Would definitely recommend.
There are many bullying awareness's in the school, kids often feel safe, except for the few exceptions.
For the most part, the classes get along, though there are some groups of people who will causes problems.
since i have not graduated yet, i feel i will understand my finances better from some of the classes taken at this school.
There is an after school program called LEAP, which i work at. Many of the middle school and elementary school student come to the non-profit program to get work done, socialize and get involved with outdoor activities.
As our school is going through budget cuts, more and more program are being shut down, and teachers are being cut yearly.
Lyons High/Middle School is a two part, middle and high school for grades 7-12, so there are many opportunities for both varsity and modified athletics. The school likes to show kids the additives of athletics and tries to let everyone become involved and welcome.
Not many extracurricular activities offered.
I like the close-knit community, but school spirit and quality of teachers, school events, clubs, and organizations are terrible.
Student involvement is terrible with no school spirit. Team performance is a little less than average, and we have no fans to support us, There is not a wide variety of sports offered.
Teachers are not suited for teaching an most of them do not know what the heck they are talking about! Classes are very easy and the teachers are somewhat bipolar.
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Small food portions that don't look appetizing. NO special accommodations.
You can't wear leggings as if anyone cares about ankles
The health and safety could be better
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