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Lyons Middle/Senior High School Reviews

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The perfect place for me. It allows me to be involved in every activity I want and I have personal relationships with all of my teachers which makes learning enjoyable.
The school gives out very basic classes without much diversity or new exciting programs that other schools have
I enjoy the support from the staff and administrators in our daily lives inside as well as outside of school. There is, however, the occasional disruption be that a bad call as far as punishments go (someone getting away with or being punished to harshly) but there is only minor bouts of that.
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Amazing small school. Ability to being loved in multiple things and great close relationships with your teachers.
It’s small, but still a good size with a pretty great variety of courses. I like the feeling of knowing everyone. I especially liked that the moment I set foot here as a new student, someone came up and basically adopted me.
The community at Lyons is very well-knit and kind. You can participate in multiple activities and the coaches are very supportive and flexible.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak about lions school , which succeeded in educating my son ahmed rayyan in scientific and practical terms
Really my son returned with deferent culture he is now a man
Thank you lions school
I hope i can visit you someday
I love the personal attention that I recieve, evenone cares about my success and even my personal emotions. I would love more opportunites, I feel very limited with my choices in extracurruciular choices, as well as academic opportunities.
I know that most teenagers say that they hate their high school, but I really do mean it. The diversity was slim to none and the LGBTQ+ community had zero support and was subjected to keeping quite in the corner. The councilors would never go to the students and ask how they were doing, you would need to go to them for help. I had no idea when I was supposed to be applying for colleges and scholarships until I went to my counselor and asked about it. Which then prompted her to say, “All students were supposed to get started on that a couple months ago.” Every day I drag myself out of bed to go to a closeminded school where I do not feel welcome or supported.
There are a lot of amazing teachers and faculty who help and who are supportive of every activity. The school its self is very safe.
I came to Lyons as a sophomore and initially loved it. I was such a stark contrast to my previous school. However, as the remaining three years flew by, Lyons' flaws quickly became apparent. For example, in 2015 nearly half the graduating class was titled "valedictorian." They have since stopped doing that and now only recognized the top ten percent during graduation and name the top two with their respective title, but it was little things like this that justify the score I rated Lyons'. I also believe that Lyons' is lacking in the opportunities presented to students. Chess club and book club are the only two consistent clubs at Lyons, which is frusterating when you're trying to get involved with the school and make new friends who share similar interests. But thats the trade-off, I guess, for being apart of such a close knit community.
It is a very small school that sometimes feels very cramped but it allows for a very individualized approach from our teachers. Going to this school, absolutely everyone knows you which can come in handy if you need assistance in anything because you know every adult nearby will be there for you. The academics are outstanding and they are something we are known for. Although we don't have very many advanced placement classes, the ones we do have do a great job of preparing us for the AP test.
Lyons is an incredible example of a small town school. The environment is very friendly, and incredibly the most popular people are the ones who are the kindest. Academics are solid, with some incredible teachers, and useful classes.
Lyons Middle/Senior High School is a small school full of joy and education. All the teachers are focused on us and they treat us respect and they have helped us to be responsible and educated. I like the way the school is organized and takes care of all the students. I like the way the school make us secure and we see the school as our home. I wouldn’t change anything from the school because everything they have and everything they do is helpful for the students to become prepared for the future.
So far, Lyons has been a very wonderful school. I am going to be a senior in high school this year. I have met some very nice people and get along with almost everyone. I really enjoy the small atmosphere; the student to teacher ratio is a decent size. I am able to meet with teachers, get help and communicate without problems.
I was drawn to Lyons by its small town roots. Everyone knows everyone, there aren't cliques and people are generally welcoming and nice!
Overall the school is great. We have the best parent volunteers and a great support system. The classes really prepare you for college
I wouldn't change anything- perfect size, perfect people, perfect experience. I always felt at home. I have been at Lyons since three year old preschool yet I never got sick of it and although I am excited for college I could see myself coming back. I have made lifelong bonds with both teachers and students and am so happy with the memories I've made.
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The school will place students in the classes they most likely fit, sometimes the load can be quite heavy. They can change classes as needed.
This school if very proactive surrounding the overall health (including mental health) of all students. They don't try to cover anything up. Bullying is not tolerated. Victims don't always report but any other child can report anonymously by telephone. It is a good system and follow-up is 100%.
My daughters (two) go to Lyons Middle Senior. They went to the schools in Estes Park first. We decided to change schools since we live half way between each school and we have the luxury to choose which school we can send our children to. We did a little research and moved our kids to the Lyons school though it was very inconvenient for us parents.

The staff is outstanding at Lyons not just the teachers but the office, administrative, nursing, counseling; everyone. So worth it if you can get your child or children into this school.
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