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Lyons gives a great opportunity to get involved throughout high school. The teachers are very good and show that they only want the best for us students. Lyons I feel like is not getting me ready for college, it is getting those who are going straight into the work force a great oppotunity to get a job after graduation.
I liked the sense of small community and how everyone was friends with everyone. The administration is very businesslike in the sense of they treat every student as if they are their co-worker. While I am glad to have gon to Lyons High School I found the curriculum to not be demanding and grueling fo myself. Since the school is very small a variety of extracurriculars and AP classes are not offered to the higher students. The school tended to favor the lower to average students. I am glad to have attended Lyons High School and I belive it happened for a reason.
The students are very close to one another however, they can't always express themselves because of the strictness when it comes to spirit week and cheering on sporting events. The teachers and students are wanted to have more school spirit however, when asked to do certain activities encouraging school spirit their requests get rejected.
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I really enjoyed being at Lyons High school because it felt like home. The teachers were so nice and would help you in anything that you needed. They atmosphere was friendly. I felt safe and felt accepted there.
To me, it felt like the school focused way too much on sports and not enough on the fine arts, and I really hope that that will change in the near future. I also think it would be good if the teachers held more review sessions for tests, both standardized and not.
A lot of the students only care about sports, along with most teachers and parents. The only sports people care about are varsity football and boy's basketball - nobody pays any attention to tennis, cross country, track and field, girls basketball, the JV teams, etcetera. Extra-curricular activities like debate, band or art shows are hardly ever attended or celebrated. Even though only a few sports are favored, they usually have really good turn outs and most of the students have good school spirit. The teachers complain about not having what they want, and the Board Of Education is full of yes-men. All they do is agree to teachers' complaints. I know of only one teacher out of the high school and middle school that would stay late on a short day late to work on grading assignments and planning lessons rather than go directly home to complain about how they don't have enough time to grade assignments or plan lessons! There are teachers, though, that can only work with what they are given. Our arts programs are extremely underfunded, but our teachers keep going. Most of the teachers are very experienced, though, and have a very good understanding about what they teach. Many of them are happy to come to school early or stay late to help a student, but many complain about having to stay late to help with an ACT preparation class. I cannot wrap my mind around how hypocritical they can be sometimes. I think the biggest problem in my school is that most students don't aspire for anything. Most of my class was born and raised in town, and I honestly think that they believe that they could just sit around and do nothing in this town and nobody would even ridicule them. I believe that that is because everyone is rewarded for participating, even if they didn't do anything. Nobody in these schools knows how to actually work for something. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.
My overall experience at this school has been okay. The school has some excellent qualities and some okay qualities. Most teachers care about students and help tend to help the students who want to thrive. Some of the teachers don't know what they are teaching or they don't find the best ways to teach everyone at once. They help each individual/group one at a time instead of the whole class at once. I didn't like when teachers gave you a worksheet and expected you to fill it out reading a text book or article off the internet.
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