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Lyons Creek Middle School Reviews

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This school is great! The teachers teach very well and they even make sure that they are not going to fast. This school also makes me feel very safe because there are more then one police officers on campus at all times and we even have 4 to 5 security guard on campus everyday as well. Our school also has wonderful administration that make sure that each and every kid is going fine. They also do things to make our school a happier place for example we S.T.A.R. when we fell stressed (smile,take a deep breathe, and relax) we also have Hey Day week where we meet new people all week long. We also have a safe keeper and a wishing well activity that they do on the morning announcements every morning. This school is really AMAZING!
Lyons Creek middle schools tough me everything I need to know about the next level of educations. Coming to a new evirmonent with whole new faces, my teacher made it alot easier to open up to new friends.
Lyons Creek Middle School is a great school. It has very polite and caring teachers that take the time to answer your questions. The campus is also very clean but their are not as many clubs that one can participate in. Unfortunately, the school doesn't have a dance team in which students can be more active and healthy and that is a downside. They should have more programs so that students can be more active in school. The food is not so bad and the faculty is very friendly.
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I didn't really feel peer pressure but it was definitely hard to be accepted in any group after the cliches were established. My friend and I had to switch out from the ESOL class to the average class and our new class wasn't very receptive to the idea. We did feel a bit shunned for the first few months but eventually they got use to us. I also noticed that students of the same ethnicity stuck together more but because there was not a lot of asians and I was, I just befriended students of all different types of race and no one seemed to mind it much.
The school did have a school nurse and from my experience, she just offered ice and asked if I wanted to take legal actions against the person that accidently hit my forehead. Students get sent to the school nurse for minor injuries but if something serious occurred, the ambulance would be called.
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