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Lyons community School is what it is, a community. We all see each other as family and work together to solve any problems we have, whether it be about a teacher, a fellow student, the school will ensure you resolve that problem in order to benefit you. If there is anyone you feel you can't talk to at home, the teachers will be there for you, there is always someone you can confide in. We all work together as a community/ family should and ensure that we all do what is right and do things that will benefit us the teachers. They will do whatever they have to ensure that we achieve to the top, as a teacher should. Every teacher wants what's best for their students and at Lyons Community School, you will 100% guarantee that there will always be someone there for you to talk to. Whether it be a student, a teacher we will be there for you. You are open to a lot of extracurriculars, such as volleyball, basketball piano lessons. We have groups for anyone of the LGBTQ community, safe spaces.
This school as so of the best I have ever attended. The teachers care about students and go above and beyond for each and everyone. the after school programs are great and centered around what the student would like for it to be. Chess club, gamers club, yearbook you name it- they have it or can create it. They also have a field studies program that runs Tuesday's and Thursday's and it allows for your child to explore the city and learn about different religions and cultures. This is one of the best things as it opens a Childs eyes to other ideas than they know.
One thing I liked about Lyons Community School is the sense of community I got from the school. The teachers care about the well being of all their students and they are not their to just teach.
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I like the teacher to student experience and the overall method of learning but could receive a few improvements here and there.
Lyons is not you average school, even though I gave it an average rate. What made me fall in love in love with Lyons and stayed from 6th grade until graduation this upcoming year, is that there is so much love in the atmosphere. The teachers really care about you and how well you do in classes. They try to make learning a fun experience and remember-able . What I also love about Lyons is the program called PGC that they have installed into the freshman's lives. PGC means Peer Group Connection. The program consist of selected 18 students from either junior or senior year who spend their time in and out of the 9th grade classrooms helping them adapt to high school and being an older brother or sister to them. What I dislike about Lyons Community School most is that I feel that some kids get more attention in class and leeway when it comes to the rules. In order for us to grow up and become responsible and advocate for ourselves we must face the consequences that are placed.

The teachers are great educators and understanding people.


The school work isn't challenging for some students.
Lyons Community School is a really nice school.The teachers are there for you and the teacher and student relationship is really awesome.
some school safty, feel pretty safe only sirtent situations i did not
I like that I am able to express myself and not really be judged
the teachers are very respectful but at times have there moments
the extracurriculars at my school are not really taken sceraously seriously, excpect for bascketball nothing else really exsist
they do have sports and teams but they only sport most common sports but not other sports
they focus on the students participations and habit and they also look for the students efforts
teachers know what they're doing, they have many strategies to make the class fun, and to bring the student's attention.
Because they have fair amount of of after-school activities and there's a greater opportunities to enter one, also to enter a school or class committees
these policies are great because they help the students to the better. Also the school are very strict on these policies.
they help on most of the issues that the students have.
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Cafeteria options are very healthy and have a lot of options.
No peer pressure at all. The acceptance is always granted. Ethnic and racial diversity and sexual orientation is accepted and is very very diverse.
I was very prepared for the real world.
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