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Ummm. No 👎 I had one of the worst experiences of my life here. I left when I was in third and had to go through a really tough time because of bullying from a TEACHER. So yeah. Don’t really recommend 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
I had a lot of different espetiences in the school for being part of the student government such as having some responsibilities to orginize the cafeteria for certain events .
Wd don't have agreat academics but we have a hood acadrmics .
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We do have a good lunch optiont but students who eat halal ot kosher have some problems because they can't eat any kind of meat .
The school policy should be respected and all students and their parent agree on that .
The school building is not that big which means that we don't really have a big number of student so that makes everything under control
Teachers are great and very friendly in our school, they are always there to help us. They always get to talk to us most of the time so they get to know us more .
Everyone in the school knows each other and we have a good community .
At the school we don't have a team that plays for out school but we do participate in all kind of sports in Brighton high school because it is the closest school to ours.
We do have a lot of different clubs that students would love to be a part of such as singing, dancing, runings, cooking and students government clubs .
In Mary lyon High school, most of the things are great and we don't really have a serious issues that would really force staff yo put a special security measures .
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