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Lyon County High School Reviews

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Lyon County has an excellent school system. While is it quite small with less that 1,000 students in the whole district, the quality of learning is excellent. Even though it is under funded by the state, my school has provided me with the best learning experience for which I could have asked. There are many opportunities for everyone, and the small population makes the learning experience more personalized. Every teacher is determined to do their job well so that each student can succeed.
Lyon County High School has provided the a great environment that provides a close relationship with my teachers. I disagree with a lot about how this school is ran, as if it is stuck in the past. Even as a member of student council I feel as I have no voice.
Overall it is very good. The teachers are amazing and the kids are ok I guess. They can sometimes be rude, but otherwise ok. The food sometimes has its off days and some days on rare occasions it is delicious. Overall Lyon county high school is a pretty decent school
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Some Teachers are unwilling to help students grow, as well as other staff, but others will greatly help with anything, students will majorly bully if you are any minority.
The teachers have all been really nice and have been understanding to kids who need extra help and have offered to stay after and spend their time helping students understand something. Teachers who don't teach certain topics offer to help other students understand something together even if they themselves don't understand it. When we have fights our principal is on sight asap and drops everything instead of finishing a meeting even if it means coming back by car from a trip.
I really like the small school feel that we have here. All of the students get to develop close friendships, and parents are really involved too. Class sizes are smaller than maybe most schools and it makes it easier for the teachers to really get to know the students better. And of course, every student probably believes that the lunch room food could always be better.
Lyon County High School overall is a good high school. The school has helped me pursue a college education. In my duration of attending Lyon County High School, I was able to take multiple dual credit classes, and in result I ended with 19 credits. The only fault of attending this school is the last two years of high school my English classes were not helpful at teaching me anything, and I was not confident in my writing skills. However, overall Lyon County High School is a good high school.
Lyon County High School will only prepare you for college if you apply yourself. Several of my classmates dropped out after one year because they found the work to be too challenging. AP classes are a great way to prepare for college but often times the material seems to be more than the teachers can handle. This is a small, rural town with limited resources and a significant lack of diversity which can result in a bit of a culture shock for students who apply to out of state colleges. The school may benefit from encouraging more students to attend trade school rather than college preparatory classes.
The some teachers love teaching and want to see you succeed in your future. Their are a lot of clubs involved with the school. Hopefully the school building will get better. It's an older school with a lot of problems.
There aren't any expressive or creative clubs like a drama club.
A lot of teachers have their children in class and so those children and their friends get special treatment.
Most teachers are more interested in getting things done for the sake of completing the required material. A few teachers make class interesting and are engaged with students.
There aren't many classes, and I wish there were
Tutoring and counciling is almost not seen. They will say they are too busy
Teachers care more than other staff
The whole office staff doesn't seem to care much. Sometimes they would be nowhere to be found when you need someone
Not many options. Rather just bring my own
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Not many choices for sports even though we requested it.
Too small. Not enough preparation. no one cares about the individual student enough.
There was a police officer around a portion of the time.
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