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Lynwood High School is a school that has good teachers and a great support system. I feel like I have made many great memories that I will never forget. I have made great connections with teachers who support me even though I’m not their student anymore. They still keep pushing me. The majority of the students are great and work hard with whatever they got. We don’t take things for granted. We rise and go above and beyond.
I don’t have much experience at Lynwood since I’m only a freshman but with everything happening about this pandemic I feel that the school is being helpful I appreciate what they do for us.
I liked how helpful the teacher are and how much they actually care about one another. I also like how much school spirit the students have.
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I like that there are many opportunities for students like me who want to go to college. For example is am in a club that helps me get ready for college, it is called ETS. I’ve learned a lot being in this club. Something else I would like to mention is that I am in an elective called biomedical that is going to help me since I am interested in the medical field.
Lynwood High School is in a poor community and has been showing potential for growth as the overall school is getting better. Sadly I wont be able to benefit or appreciate these changes because this is my last year as a senior. Due to the current pandemic I wont be able to enjoy walking out of school on the last day.
While the school itself did a fine enough job getting students from freshman to graduation, it did so with minimum effort. For every extraordinary teacher, you would have ones who did not care about their job, nor their students. It would not be a surprise to find out your teacher has been replaced with either a substitute or multiple substitutes for the rest of the year making it near impossible to pass exams with good grades.
I would like to see more involvement in our school and see improvement in our school. I would also like to feel more like a student than a business.
I like nothing about this school, the work and or homework has nothing to do with the topic you are learning of the subject.
what I liked about Lynwood high school was the fact that it has very few great and amazing teachers but other than that I think that Lynwood needed some work both on the campus and within the classrooms
Lynwood High School is full of students who can do amazing things in life if they wanted to. Our school can become extremely spirited when it come to showing it in from of alumni and staff. Lynwood High students show the importance of what it takes to be a true Knight in our castle.
My experience in Lynwood High School has been overall good. The teachers that I have had really care for me, they have helped me with different things such as tutoring, letters of recommendation and even emotional support. The programs that they offer prepare you for future college work and experience. The schools wants everybody to graduate, so they try to help every single student to achieve this.
Lywood High School has a large, beautiful campus with a single-building structure that is subcategorized into departments evenly distributed upon three floors. After class you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains and the Hollywood sign and enjoy the infamous clocktower. Lywood High School excells in their basketball department as well as dance and cheer. As to academics, the school provides a wide range of advanced placement classes students are free to enroll.
Lynwood high school currently is improving in many ways. We just got a new principle and I feel like she is more involved with the students and the issues the school has. The students behavior is also improving
This school is pretty decent. It becomes even better when you take AP classes because you become with those semi- willing to work. School is not as bad as people may think.
I like that the student government(ASB) of our school tries their best at getting everyone involved in school activities, such as spirit week or student rallies. I would like to see a change in the way we enter the school. At the beginning of the school the staff always says that we must have our IDs before entering, however, over the past two months the IDs have only been checked once, which I believe is not a good thing. I think that security should be checking IDs everyday to ensure even more safety at our school.
I liked how helpful teachers are with students, you can ask them questions if you do no understand and would help you no matter your race or ethnicity. I also find it really helpful that they have classes like college and career that helps you with everything related to college matter, and apart from that they have a college and career center ,so if you need extra help it would available for you at every moment.
The things I enjoyed about Lynwood High School were the numerous opportunities. Lynwood High School offered after school tutoring, and a variety of sport clubs. I liked being able to be on both the softball and volleyball team, even though I was in two sports my grades never dropped. Educare offered tutoring in the library after school and they helped me maintain my good grades.
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I would like to start of with the culture that surrounds our school, it's filled with true hispanic culture, which we love to show at our school. Most students are very humble and willing to pass on to the next level. Some of the teachers at Lynwood High School have a passion to really help students, and guide them through the process of how to work in a college level. I've had the privilege to meet such amazing teachers throughout my years at this high school, who have really made me open my eyes and make me take this new journey seriously, as well as not to fear it as much, even though it's going to be stressing moment in my life.
Lynwood High School is a place of growing opportunity, each year we get more and more resources to make us better prepared for college. For example, this year a past student is providing SAT tutoring, for she received a high score herself. I would say if there were changes, I would want more teacher tutoring during lunch or afteschool.
What I like about Lynwood High are the many opportunities they give you for help on applying to college and help in general.. A.V.I.D. college and career, after school tutoring, and counselors are always willing to help, if you have any problems and they make sure to tell you so. I like my school just the way it is.
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