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I loved meeting the teachers and being in their classes. I’d change the way some teachers taught because some were good and others were not so good for preparing us for the AP exam or college.
It's a very diverse school and the staff members are always willing to help students whenever it's needed by offering flexible office hours to check-in for homework help. It prepares you for college as it offers rigorous AP courses with a lot of assignments. Though, some teachers make up a lot of busy work.
I really enjoyed Lynnwood Highschools diverse amount of cultures and students it has. The schools ASB team does a extensively good job in always trying to promote everyone's cultures . Students always help each other out through any sort of issues ranging from family problems to school work. Teachers are also always there for struggling students.
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Lynnwood High School is an amazing environment for people who want to interact with many different types of individuals and academic environments. There is a lot of flexibility in this school to change your plans and do what works best for you and every staff member is very supportive. I have gone done the path of AP Classes and teachers and counselors have only ever helped me meet my goals. Even in hardship, this schools community is strong and I really admire the students here.
This school is very diverse and interactive. But, the kids' arent disciplined enough when they actually do something wrong. Most of the discipline is In school suspension but maybe that's actually a good thing since they are still able to be at the school and do their work.
Overall, Lynnwood High School is a very good school. The teachers & staff here are nice, friendly, and supportive. The best thing about LHS is the level of diversity we have here. Our school is full of students from different countries and backgrounds. Our school isn't full of just white or black students.
My time at Lynnwood High School (LHS) has benefited my future as a college student and an adult. When first going into LHS as a freshman I was a little nervous but after serveral years I can honestly say that the school has helped me get ready for college in the future. The music department at LHS is top tier with regards to teaching students the performing art. I played the trombone ever since 5th grade and am happy to say that the LHS music department has taught me music and life lessons to becoming a better trombone player and in the process allow me to help new musicans and especially trombone players who enter the school. The teachers, staff, and everyone who works at LHS honestly cares about preparing students, including myself, for the adult lives ahead of us in the future.
Lynnwood high school is full of diversity and great teachers who are ready to help students at any time. I really enjoy the friendly environment and the commitment of many students wanting to succeed in school. There are many clubs and sports offered to students which showcase many peoples talents and community involvement. If I were to add anything, I would want to have more stem classes.
Lynnwood High school has had many unfortunate events occur here. I don't think it is safe for the areas, as there are many threats and not enough resources available for the students.
Both principals were wonderful. A lot of bullying and no consequences even when administration was notified.

English program I learned very little, they didn't teach me how to do correct writing including capitalization and grammar. I no way am I prepared for college.
I'm currently a senior at LHS and I've had a wonderful experience! One of the most diverse schools in the district, most teachers are incredibly respectful of all students backgrounds and walks of life. Some teachers, particularly in the mathematics department, are significantly more focused on end results and, in some cases, have a disregard for students struggles and needs. These teachers are very far and few between however, and it's an amazing school in the long run!
Last I was there was in 1995, so I don't remember much. I went to prison at age 16, so I never finished the whole High School experience (which I regret). I heard a rumor that the school was demolished and a new High School was built somewhere else in town.
Lynnwood High School provided with many fond memories. It surely had been a competitive environment for sports. LHS was surely a school to be reckoned with in terms of school spirit, and that was a strong quality for our school. What could use change would most definitely be the food and only the cafeteria food if we are being specific here. Other than that, nothing else really needed to be changed.
Immense amount of diversity within the students. Teachers are always willing to make sure you do well. Advisory is a great time to get help, eat a snack, do some homework and socialize with friends.
My experience at Lynnwood High school has been average. I got a 3.7 cumlative high school GPA and 4.0 college gpa at running start. I feel like the staff and teachers here haven't helped me as much, I got these grades myself. The staff here don't really motivate and bring inspiration to the students. I feel like I found motivation and inspiration from other sources. That's one of the things I do not like about Lynnwood High School. One of the things I have enjoyed about high school is diversity. I have met all sorts of people with different backgrounds, I feel like that's very needed for the real world. One thing I would improve Lynnwood high school is fixing the academics have better lectures and teaching styles.
I was very excited to go to Lynnwood and start high school, yet have been disappointed. I was excited for the school spirit, sports games, and high school experience. Instead, the school is beautiful, but there is less school spirit every year.
Overall Lynnwood was a great school for me but when it really comes down to it. It only matters on how much you're willing to put out, if you'renot willing to reach out to new people or expand your self it wont be the best. If your willing to meet new people and make your self better its the school for you
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Lynnwood High School is a great place to meet new people, find out what you're interests are, and is overall an amazing environment!!
Over the past 3 years of my attendance here, I have had an overall great experience. All if not most of the faculty here are ready and eager to help students in any which way possible, as well as getting to know you as a person and not just any other student. As my senior year comes to an end, I wish any coming freshman and staff my blessings and prayers.
I like how Lynnwood High School strongly advocated diversity, and made sure that everybody felt welcome to become apart of any sports team or club. My teachers were knowledgeable on the topics they taught, and my classmates were relatively friendly. However, I believe the school system (like with every other one that I have come across) puts more emphasis on obtaining good grades as opposed to actually learning the content. This encourages students to do whatever they can just to get the right answers, as opposed to actually reading their textbooks and being invested in learning.
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