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Lynnville-Sully High School Reviews

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It's like most high schools kids that have there own groups, not a lot of welcoming faces, The education is average there are a handful of wonderful teachers that would go out of there way to help you learn. But for the majority most teachers are subpar.
The teachers use the technology a lot but also use paper when need be. They use all that is given to them if they believe that it will help the students succeed.
There are a lot of cliques in this school. There are a lot of "preppy" kids or the "jocks".
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The extracurriculars at this school are some of the best that I have heard of.
The school is very good at keeping the students involved in extracurricular activities and involved in their education.
The teachers at Lynnville-Sully are very caring and they will help students if they really need the help.
They have limitations because of the health requirements, but they do well with what their given
The only complaint would be the lack of a dress code enforcement
They have a wonderful track and fitness center, and their fields are great.
The teachers will do their very best to help you as much as needed. You can email them or call them and you'll get a quick response.
Students are able to participate throughout the year as much as they want.
I really liked this school. The teachers were great, they helped you get through class work, and they really made sure you succeeded.
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