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Lynnfield High does an excellent job of getting students ready for college. I felt that my transition went very smoothly due to all of the resources that were provided for me.
Lynnfield High School is a small school in the suburbs of Massachusetts. The school has a great staff that are very helpful to the students.
Overall, I liked the atmosphere at Lynnfield High School. The teachers were very welcoming, and most of them are pretty excellent teachers. The administration was also great too, and overall, I appreciate the faculty at the high school. I met some of my closest friends at Lynnfield, but I felt like I couldn't really connect with the majority of the students. I don't know whether it was a cultural divide, or the fact I was shy --- I couldn't really tell when I was younger, but now that I'm older and about to head to college, it's more obvious that it's a diversity problem. The people here are well-involved in sports though, and overall, I would say Lynnfield prepared me for college.
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Very prepared for college, a lot of AP courses available as well as SAT help. Guidance is very involved with college decisions.
My experience at Lynnfield High School has overall been great. It's a great community. Everyone is friendly for the most part. I have never witnessed any bullying or extreme behavior from students. I am a CP student and the workload is manageable. Teachers always offer extra help. The diversity is pretty low just because of how small the town is. The sports teams are all good for the most part. Lots of school spirit here. I have enjoyed my time here and have made friends that I will stay close with for a long time!
The quality of education that Lynnfield High School provides is amazing. The teachers are very intelligent and are willing to work and help you succeed. The community is very friendly and safe to learn and grow in.
Lynnfield High School has excellent teachers that always reach out to help. We are taught to be role models within our schools as well as leaders in our community.
Through the years, the more time in this school my experience got better and better. The classes are harder than most schools around but it prepares students better for college. Teachers are mostly good but some are not as involved as others. This school offers more independence for older students and gives them the responsibility of a college student. The college application process is smooth and easy for students.
Throughout high school, I've made life long friends, I loved the teachers, I loved the classes, absolutely everything about Lynnfield High School. The teachers were amazing, they weren't just teachers to us. Students grew personal connections with the teachers which were great. The sports were amazing, I played four years of high school hockey with the Lynnfield Pioneers, and it was amazing. The system is good here and I couldn't imagined it any other way.
I love Lynnfield High School. Every teacher I have genuinely wants me to succeed as a student and a person trying to navigate my way into my post-high school career. The teachers are all smart and know what they are doing; they are also more than willing to help me when I am confused, and they are always available after-school when I need to ask them questions. I have also made some great friends at Lynnfield High School, and I feel welcome and a part of the school culture. I am part of the student government for my junior class, so I am also excited that I can help represent both my class and the school culture. Overall, I am glad to be a part of Lynnfield High School!
The teachers at Lynnfield really care about the students, the sports teams are pretty decent with great support from the school are well prepared for college if they put the time and effort in!
The best school in the world!!!!!!!! Literally a school of angels, everyone here is so sweet, lovable and accepting. People are shocked when they come here and see that there is literally like no bullying, no bad eggs, no bad anything! Its perfect and amazing. Teachers are flexible and kind and aren't to hard on their students but still teach a vigorous curriculum.
Overall, Lynnfield High School is a great school because the students have great academic experience and the teachers are always happy to help us with whatever we need. Also, the students here are very motivated to achieve their goals, whether its sports or academics.
LHS provided me a great education and experience. I enjoyed participating in theatre and chorus and while I wasn't an athlete, I enjoyed participating in soccer and track for several years. The number of AP courses offered was significant and while the workload was high, the teachers were often accommodating in terms of major conflicts.
I would have liked more of a variety in the academic courses such as environmental science, introduction to the medical field, home economics, civics, preparation for college, etc. There were also limited advanced placement and honors courses as well which limited opportunity to explore different fields, challenges and success.
I enjoyed my time at Lynnfield High School because it helped me be prepared for college. The atmposher was very welcoming and friendly during my time there as well. Overall, I had an excellent 4 years attending Lynnfield High School.
There's no diversity and I've been bullied all my life but the academics are really good and the teachers are nice and some are good
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I liked how everyone was involved in many activities and that the upperclassmen (for the most part) were very nice and welcoming, and that I was exposed to more responsibility when it came to managing my assignments.
Had an interview with this school system, and I was appalled at the unprofessionalism displayed by the principal at one of the elementary schools! During the interview, she criticized my clothing, shoes, and jewelry! She looked down at my dress shoes and said "Will you be able to run in those?" and she looked at my necklace and said "You can't wear that on the job!" I was flabbergasted!!! I told her, I wanted to look nice for the interview. Guess there was something wrong with dressing nicely and appropriately! Never in my life, have I experienced an interview like this. If you send your children to this school system, please consider this behavior in your decision...if the principal is allowed to act like this with interviewees, then its allowed with staff, and ultimately your children!
Lynnfield High School was overall a great experience. The academics are outstanding and teachers make sure the material is taught in the simplest yet most effective way possible. Aside from great teaching, the teachers were also very personable and understanding and very easy to talk to when something was needed. The faculty is very supportive and is there for you if you need to talk about something. The sports and other extracurricular activities are run very well and everyone enjoys them. The sports teams, performing arts and the musical groups all do very well in their performances. The only thing I would like to see change is for the building to be updated, as for some things are a bit outdated. Lynnfield High School is a great educational institution.
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