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Lynn Vocational Technical Institute Reviews

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I liked how everyone there knows and will recognize you because it’s a small school and if you ever need help just ask everyone is willing to help you.
This is a technical high school. It has a bad reputation but in reality it's a great school. You learn a trait and could experience the work life before entering college. Which gives you a better understanding on what you want to study in college. The academic programs are great, the shops are awesome with awesome instructors, and the sports are going strong. This is a great place for a great education. The principal is the best, she interacts with all of the kids and makes us feel really good about ourselves.
As a raising senior at Lynn Tech I have learned a lot through out my high school years. Lynn Tech has taught me that school is more than just academics, it’s about being a community and helping those who are least fortunate. Attending this school had opened many doors for me and helped me clarify my purpose on this earth. If I wasn’t for this opportunity I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for helping others.
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You see many high-schools in movies being portrayed in many different ways. Some being the less favorable times of their young adult lives and others give it an image of it being the best time as kid starting to grow up. I'd say that Lynn tech is a fun mixture of both! It's a great environment to be in except those days that are raining, cold, windy or snowing because at the end of the day it is a vocational school and to get to classes at Lynn Tech you will have to cross more than once. But if I am being honest that is literally the only con I can come up with. The students will always be... well students, teenagers trying to figure things out but we all thrive to be someone in the future with big dreams. And I think thats why the environment at Tech and my overall experience there is remarkable!
All around great school. Amazing educational and career opportunities. Proud of what this school is becoming.
Great school. Good for a technical school. Really great shops and teachers. Excellent environment meaning great team work, hard working and consitant work.
The classes are pretty small so you really get a chance to connect with a teacher and ask for help & receive help when needed
I had some good memories there, but many more bad than good. The athletics always played favorites, the athletic director was recently ousted out because of his corrupt way of handling issues involving the sports. The students were very rude, as well as mean spirited.
My experience at Lynn vocational technical institute was pretty good most of the teachers are nice and all the guidance counselors were very helpful.The buildings were in alright condition considering the fact it's been around for a while but i feel like the school has bad spending habits. What i like about the school it that in about to get to any of your math and science class you have to cross buildings but the down side to that is when its anything other an sunny outside you sort of suffer.
Lynn Vocational Technical institute is a great school to go to if you want to be as employable as you can be in a trade. The programs available there are really worth getting invested in, especially SkillsUSA. Not only will you be ready for the world of work when you graduate, you will also be ready for college.
Lynn Tech is a very good school to be. Students learn a lot, teachers are excelent and the school has a very good security system.
Great teachers, solid athletic programs, Awesome Football team! Great place to get a start on a career in a tech industry!
Being a student at this school has been a great experience.Learning academics and having a trade has taught me a lot.There are many opportunities at this school.
The diversity is amazing as well as the education and one-on-one with the teachers. If there something that you don’t understand, the teachers would be there to help you out.
Its OK. It's not the best. The good thing about it is that it has multiple shops to choose from, and whatever shop you pick is your career for the future. So far, it was decent o say the least.
The school comes together and does so much stuff for the community and charities. The school also has a lot of “shops” for different careers. They’ve recently added a new one -Information Technology- which is all about computers and how they work.
I love all the teachers, guidance counselors and they a great cna program. They been extending his program throughout the years. At first it was only 15 students for a class now it’s 30 students per class.
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Over all it’s a great school. The only thing I disliked of this school is crossing building to the side of the street.
Lynn Vocational Technical Institute is a great school. It changed my life over the past 4 years! I got my CNA license over there when I was a junior and I got co-op during my senior year.
It's very diverse I can tell you that. But the one thing that's is so amazing about this school is how we always give back to the community. We were known as the bad school many years ago but us students now have changed the stigma lynn had on us. Many of us are going to college. Teachers here are very supportive. Which is something amazing to have in a school. There is always help when needed.
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