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This is an incredible school which i had the pleasure of attending most of the parents who rate it poorly have a kid who i had in one of my classes and has denied to work or study leading them to fail and when questioned by parents blame the school! It hurts me to see this school get a bad reputation when i got an amazing experience and the only people ruining it are the children which are my peers! Many parents also complain that their kids are bullied and had stuff stolen from them which is utterly the students fault for either drawing attention to the said criminal in progress of stealing or not reporting the matter to an authority directly after before the kid has a chance of escape.
A threat to the school was made on the last day of school 2018. The school did not make a report to the authorities for a proper investigation. They were more concerned with school funding than to properly investigate a threat made to our children!
Its fun math. And add sub and multiple division and research read and play at school its fun so fun. Out sild pool
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This school seems to be one year behind the next school district.
The kids in his class make noises, jump kids in the halls to steal their stuff, fight during athletics, steal stuff from each other, curse at the teachers, push him around in between classes, through food at him at lunch, and so on.
My son is in athletics. All he does is run and bear crawls because a few of the kids don't listen. At one point, over 70% of the football team was failing at least one class.
My wife purchased all new school supplies at the beginning of the year for my son. The supplies lasted about a month before all of them were stolen. One of his teachers told us that this is very common at this school.
The teachers are overwhelmed by the undisciplined children.
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