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I had a great experience. All of the teachers are very good and they care about all students. The school is very clean and well kept. It's a great school.
I had a great experience with Lynn High School! I couldn’t have asked for a better high school experience. I love every single one of my amazing teachers and I will miss all of them so much when I go to college.
The cafeteria is brand new and they have changed the serving a lot. I wish we had a salad bar. There are no healthy options. In fact, when I eat the cafeteria food I gain weight.
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The quality of the facilities is very good since everyone here is a huge sports fan. There are not many college prep resources and the technology is ok but could use a major boost. Our library also needs a major upgrade, there are very few books to choose from.
There are several clubs at this school but the teachers over these clubs do not get us very involved. I would like to be able to help more people through these organizations.
There have never been any bomb threats or gun violence, but the school does have a drug problem. The cops have had to come onto campus several times to check lockers and cars for illegal substances.
I do not like my school at all. To actually play in a sports activity is limited to those who are "popular". The cafeteria has terrible food and I would like for them to at least have a salad bar. It is a small school and only one group of people. I have never fit in here because the school is so small I have nothing in common with anyone. The school has a huge problem with students engaging in sex and the students excessively party.
Bullying is active at this school and not much is done about it. Also attendance is a huge issue but the principal does not turn the students in. As far as the dress code is concerned we cannot wear short shorts or spaghetti strap tank tops.
The academics at this school are pretty general. No extra classes are offered. The teachers are average except for one which is outstanding. In my opinion our counselor does a poor job at trying to get the students scholarships for college.
The athletic facilities are in excellent condition. Gym is not new but in good shape and we just recently renovated the softball field and the baseball dug outs. Just about every kid here joins a sports team and the coaches are really good.
At this school you will face a lot of peer pressure. As far as ethnic/racial diversity there is not any, everyone at this school is white. The students do not accept new students very kindly and they will be very mean. The school is going down hill fast and the state comes in throughout the year to check up on our reading programs.
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