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My time at Lynn English was unforgettable. From the teachers to the students, it is viewed as on big community. I've made close friends and many connections with my teachers. Withholding many unique characteristics, most teachers care about their students and their classes. On the other hand, some teachers are not as passionate in their job in teachings. Though it being a small school, the population of students seems to be the big issue within the district of Lynn. There are too many students in such a small building that the classes are jam packed. It is difficult to teach classes as a teacher when there is 40 students crammed up in one room. Lynn English has a high standard in education but the population crisis has seemed to taken control as it caused the exclusion of some courses as well as extracurriculars. There are many issues in regards to population and that is up to the district of Lynn to handle that. Overall this school is average and needs improvement in many way
The school is very overpopulated. Some kids can’t even sit and have lunch. they don’t even have enough time to eat since it’s only 30 minutes. Teachers are okay but most of them don’t really care for the students. A lot of them give the impression that students don’t really have a life outside of school and they just give loads of work because of it. There aren’t many resources and the building is pretty run down. The bathroom stalls don’t have locks and there were a lot of gas leaks one year. The school culture doesn’t really exist unless we are going against opposing schools. The school caters towards our basketball and football team too. They’ve won a lot of attention which makes sense to why the school would pay close attention to them. Lastly parents aren’t really involved in the schools. The school doesn’t really request help from parents or anything so they aren’t too involved
The administration cares about the wellness and success of the students. While I attended English High, I was a member of Bible Club, Latin Club, National Honors Society and ROTC program and Drill Team.
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My experience with Lynn English High School was a little rocky in the beginning like most kids, I hated my school and never really like being there. But soon came along my junior and senior that I truly realize how wonderful my school is. The teachers are so very hard working and they don't want us to fail in school or life in general. I even has discussions with my teachers that I know I would use when I get to use in the real adult world and made me college ready. The school environment made me feel safe and welcomed. Theres some much diversity there made me learn about different cultures. We even a culture event at school that talks about life of some of the students from different parts of the world. my school may not have a lot of money but the experience there is worth more.
I have been attending Lynn English High School since the beginning of my freshman year in high school. What I like about Lynn English is that there is a lot of diversity and it is very easy to fit in. Also, the teachers and the administration office are so supportive that they would help you with whatever you’re going through at any cost. They love to see students that they either teach or help be successful and I just love the environment. The sport teams are incredible, majority of them made playoffs while I attended Lynn English. What I would change about the school is probably adding more academic courses if it’s possible and changing the school lunch, that’s the only things I would change about the school. Everything else about the school is good and I wouldn’t change anything else.
This school is by no means a bad school. It is just very overcrowded, and it feels as though if you aren't what they consider a "problem student", they don't really care about you. They do a lot to help kids who are struggling in classes, or with issues at home or with other people in the school, but if you don't get in trouble often or you're skating by and just barley passing your classes, then they really don't care much about you. For a public school, it has decent education and resources. As an AP and honors student, my teachers have been pretty good. They are stricter with rules, but I feel like that's a positive thing.
Teachers are very nice and laid back. However, throughout my four years there, there were many issues with the school. To start, the cafe is messy a lot of the time. Walls are cracked and there were many bad things like a gas leak, a virus which shut down all computers for half a year. There were a lot of shooting threats on the school. Lynn English High, in general is poorly handled and old.
Lynn English is a really good school academically and the resources there are unlimited. The downside with this school is there rules are just too strict to be a public school and some of the faculty there are rude but many of them are easy to get along with.
Some teachers don’t actually care. Some teachers are really good but most don’t really teach or actually care about the students. However, the teachers who do care make sure you’re okay and tell you to not give up. They push you to keep the motivation up and keep it up.
In comparison to the other schools in the city, Lynn English High School is the only school that is strict on dress code (no ripped jeans, leggings, etc.) and are not lenient on you missing your lanyard. It usually lands you a detention from the vice principles. Theres a lot of diversity in this school and everyone can intermingle or stay within their own cliques, but overall everyone tends to be friendly to each other. The school also has many diverse clubs and school events.
Lynn english is my high school. I've been here since 2016. A lot has changed over the years. One thing I would like is to make space for the amount of students attending because the hallways feel crowded. There are a lot of people. They should extend the building or add a new floor or building to fit all the students. Another great aspect of this school is The teachers. Some teachers are great to talk to, they can be really helpful and give good advice. One negative aspect is Some students can't wait to get out of school and graduate and never look back, but I will miss this school no matter how good or bad people say it is.
My time at Lynn English High felt substantial, however I can see the low quality of classes for both me and people in all levels of classes. It is not completely the school's fault, as Lynn has a lack of public funding, but there is a difference in the quality of classes from schools in other cities.
One thing that I can honestly say about Lynn English is the school spirit is unforgettable. The schools involvement in sports really molded my high school career.
My experience at lynn English was not what i expected at first, it was not a bed of roses , instead it a medium for me to grow and be responsible for all my decisions.
Lynn English High School is a great school academic wise. They could lighten up on the dress code and fun activities.
This school is very good for academics. The teachers prepare you for college and they motivate you to be the best.
I’ve really enjoyed my four years at Lynn English, and I feel that this school offers many resources and opportunities to succeed outside of school and anyone that goes to that school should definitely take advantage
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Everyone is so caring at English, we’re like one big family. The students all have each other’s backs and make newcomers feel right at home. I don’t think there’s anything I would change about my experience at LEHS. It has been such a fun and educational 4 years and I would recommend any student in Lynn to go to English.
Lynn English High School is a good school and the school has good teachers for the most part. The school excels in diversity, there are hundreds of cultures, languages, and religions being practiced, spoke, and taught. You always learn so much from the students there. Academics, sports, clubs, and activities at English are inclusive. One negative is that there are over 2000 students, which is a safety precaution.
Teachers are unqualified and don't care about the students. The food is barely edible. Administration does not care about the concerns of the students, especially when it comes to bad teachers. My guidance counselor forgot to send my transcripts to the colleges I was applying for.
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