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Lyndon Institute is a very community based school. It's a boarding school that has around 500 students and around 100 are dorm students from all around the world. Everyone is very inclusive and the teachers are always there to help. Every teacher, faculty member, and staff member are committed to making our 4 year experience at this school amazing and stress-free.
As another January Term comes to a close, I am so thankful to Lyndon Institute for offering this to our students. My son, Owen, participated in a work-based learning/internship over the three-week period. He is interested in becoming a police officer so, for the last three weeks, he has been interning at the Lyndonville Police Department. Let me tell you, he has enjoyed every second of it! Chief Harris and Officer Trailkill have been so awesome. He’s learned so much and I am appreciative of them taking the time to allow Owen to learn from them. Thank you to LI teacher, Jeremy White, for making all this happen!
Lyndon Institute is a unique community that is small enough to provide individualized education but large enough to have the resources to provide extraordinary opportunities to all students. Everyone celebrates each others successes and the school puts the students first. I have seen students completely transformed in positive ways when they graduate and love hearing stories about how attending LI was one of the best times and decisions of their life.
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My experience at Lyndon Institute has been truly enriching. The emphasis on community is evident throughout every program. Whether it's the big game or an after-school rehearsal in the band room, the students always find a way to help each other put their best foot forward. The teachers at Lyndon are not only passionate about what they do also about encouraging students to achieve their full potential. Because of the semi-private status, there are several opportunities to pursue a variety of potential career paths and stimulating coursework. I myself have flourished because the staff took the time to accommodate my unique learning style. As long as you come to the door with an open heart and curious mind you will find your place at Lyndon Institute
There are many community based events and activities that LI offers, like J-term, spirit week, pep rally, assembly, and plays. The teachers are professional and understanding toward me and my peers. There are many ways to customize your experience at Lyndon Institute, through classes and friends you choose. I personally can see a lot of growth since the beginning of the year in my overall knowledge.
I really enjoy the diversity within the school, our dorm program has allowed me to be exposed to cultures I have never even heard of and connect with people from all over the world. The teachers (for the most part) are very giving and are often dedicated to their students to ensure that they do their best even though many students retaliate. The arts in the school are thriving if you look closely but music and art programs here don't get much recognition and the school focuses too much on our sports community and would rather lift them up even when groups like theater and national honors art society students are brining in more awards and honors than some sports. Even so the small town community makes me feel comfortable, safe, and welcome within my school, even though high school can be full of cliques, here at Lyndon Institute everyone has a place somewhere.
The school does not have a diversity in AP classes except in Math. My counselor is too bad. She wants me to take the lower classes than my ability. The food is trash, too. I am an international student, I spent a lot of money to go here but my old school is much better than here.
Lyndon Institute is an amazingly diverse boarding school. Everyone feels accepted, welcomed, safe, and involved. At Lyndon Institute students are allowed to take so many different types of classes such as, engineering classes, welding, farming, agriculture, chorus, theater, band, etc. There are a lot of different extra-curricular activities which help all students get connected with other peers and with teachers.
Lyndon institute is an average high school but because it’s so small the experience is not as enjoyable. Most students you’ve known all the way up through school and it causes a very stressful drama filled environment. All teachers pick favorites and do not treat students equally. It’s hard to find a teacher that will help you not only with school but personally as well. Basically if you don’t have a popular family, you don’t matter. The school focuses on athletes more than artists or any other activity students participate it. Requirements for trips are unfair and exclude students.
Worst boarding school of all time. They lied about courses offered on their website. The campus is more than depressing. There were less than 60 kids in the boarding program. They serve "cheeseburger soup" at least once a week, healthy options are incredibly sparse. The town is about a block long and there isn't another town for at least 30 minutes of driving. Saying the school is in the middle of nowhere is an understatement. They overcharge wherever they can because the school is in debt. The common core classes I took as a junior are the equivalent of classes I took in middle school.
It provides AP classes and prepares students for college. This is a small and safe school that gives students the opportunity to find their passion due to providing art classes, welding classes, auto mechanic classes, civil engineering classes, and a LNA course. They have many sports teams , which do not cut people. There is nothing I would change about this high shool.
I love Lyndon Institute and am so happy my children chose to come here! There are several other choices in our area and our children looked at a few, but it was the community feeling and warmth of LI that won them over, that and the excellent program offerings like J-term! The school is very flexible and is heavily invested in helping students find educational offerings that meet graduation requirements, but are engaging and interesting as well. Students can take early college programs, tech programs which lead to trade certification, AP classes, and over 100 January Term courses as well.
I like the small community feel of LI. I went there and two of my boys have graduated. I couldn't be more pleased with what my kids got out of their academics and extra curricular activities. They really take a lot of values and leadership skills with them. One of my kids was more then prepared for a high ranking Military School, and my other son In the technical field is in the top of his class at welding school and half way through his college experience was placed in an excellent paying position with Portsmouth Ship Yard.
I like the J Term, it gives students a chance to try something they wouldn't other wise. I loved that they offered a limited "J Term" to Parents in the spring, I would love to see them do that again.
We get a lot of transfers from nearby schools , And with January term a good way to learn valuable skills in a real way and fun and serious way that's important.Having the Technical class opportunities we have is a great thing to be apart of. Having been through two different technical courses for two years . I've learn alot about myself , the trades and how to work with and help others. The music program is both fun, intensive and taught to our level and above. I've been in the program for three years and I've learned thing other school don't or can't teach like how to sight read on the spot and knowing your pitch and be right and fluent on the piece.
I am a former student of Lyndon, the close knit caring community well prepared me for life and work.
Lyndon Institute has teachers who are always available for parents and students. They are passionate about what they teach.
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I selected LI after touring 8 other schools in Vermont. LI provided me with a well rounded education, great community and gave me the tools I needed to succeed in college. The school does more than just prep you for college, you can also take classes in the trades, like welding and boat building. The art department is equally strong and class structure allows you to explore all interests.
The campus is beautiful and takes advantage of their rural location with many outdoor activities.
My children were treated as individuals who their teachers really cared about. They were also made to feel as though they belonged to a group that was cared for, challenged academically and given opportunities to succeed. The school is big enough for many opportunities and small enough for personal care and a chance to participate in a multitude of things from clubs, to athletics to drama. But above all the faculty really cares for and works hard for the students.
Lyndon Institute. has been a pillar of the community for generations. I am an alum and I now have 3 children attending LI.
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