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The teachers are great, most people are very excepting of new people and everyone gets along most of the time. I don't always agree with some of the rules. But i'm a senior and I don't always agree with everything and that's okay.
Lyndon High School is an amazing school. The administration cares about the students and they go above and beyond to help give us the opportunities to help us succeed in life. Our school cares about every one of our sports teams. We celebrate together when we win and we pick each other up when we lose. Lyndon High cares about our education more than anything. The staff encourages us to study hard to keep our grades up and to have success when it comes to graduating and scoring high on our ACT or SAT. We have the highest average test scores for the ACT in our county. We congratulate each other when the scores come in. We brag in a humble way on how well we do in every field and every activity. All of the students are very kind, especially when we have new students. It's our goal to make sure everyone is welcome. It's an awesome environment to be in.
The teachers at Lyndon High School are the best, very helpful inside and outside of the classroom. They genuinely care about their students being successful in anything they want to do, and they are willing to assist them as much as possible. It is easy to get involved in extracurricular activities throughout high school and be successful in these areas. However, facilities need improvement.
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At Lyndon, we are very focused on being prepared for the future. Our focus is on academics, but we are getting better about supporting all clubs and extracurricular activities. With this being a new thing, we are struggling with having a positive vibe in our school. Most days, there is too much drama, there is nothing new and exciting, and someone cries in at least one of your classes. While I love Lyndon and am proud to be graduating from it, I definitely think the positive energy could be heightened, and simple things such as facilities and school lunches could be improved.
I would like to see the atmosphere at Lyndon change. There is a lot of negativity and bad attitudes. I would also like to see priorities shift from sports to academics.
My experience with Lyndon High School cares about its students in a way I had not experienced in any of previous schools. Any time I had a problem with a student or a teacher the administration was swift to come to my aid.
The teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects and will help students any way they are able. They work hard to help each student understand the content and pass their class with more knowledge than they entered it.
Lyndon severely lacks in technology and building quality. It is time for a new school building. The arts program has also been stifled, but not for any fault of the teachers. Both the Music and Art teachers strive to advance their programs, however, there is a stigma around it from the heavy stress of sports in Lyndon.
I would highly recommend attending Lyndon for the academics, arts, and athletics. It is a school underestimated for its size, yet by far the school I thrived most in out of all seven schools I attended over my entire education.
The high school has some problems as all do. Fantastic sports program. Small class sizes. Very easy to get involved. Plenty of opportunities to succeed. Easy to get one on one help from teachers.
I loved how the teachers are always there for you whenever you need something. It could be with academics or advice for your life and they are always there for you.
Lyndon High School has been slightly disorganized in the sense of getting students ready for college. Almost all of the teachers are very caring and would do anything for their students. Athletics are a large part of this school. Other than athletics there has not been many other clubs or organizations for students to get involved in. However, this is starting to change, the high school just introduced FFA and is working to implicate a new system to get students more motivated for to come to school.
Lyndon offers a number of extracurricular activities including things such as sports, theater, FBLA, Book Club, and much more. I had a number of great learning experiences here and overall thought it was a good school.
the high school isn't big enough to have any major concerns
we have very few different cultures
every now and then you get students who transfer from other schools who are used to their old schools social theme. After a while they get used to the social theme of this school.
The administration talks to students, faculty, and parents about what can or could be improved throughout the school.
Almost every class room has a SmartBoard where the student can go up and finish out the problem and quickly draw a real world example.
Some of the food is good and if there isn't any of the food you like you can always get a salad.
There is FBLA, Forensics, Stagecraft, Acting, and all sorts of other organizations.
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Teachers are nice, counselor gave an excellent variety of choices before going out to the real world.
For a small rural school it is a great school. I made some good friends and memories there. I would go there again if I could
The overall teachers in the school are pretty good. Some need to leave because they have taught parents of children now attending
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