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Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School Reviews

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Overall an okay school, when the teachers care, they really care, but when they don’t, they really really don’t.
I liked that teachers helped you with you work when you need help. The administration is very helpful for helping you do paperwork and if something is going on in your life they will listen.
The star programs was the best part of the school. The teachers where all wonderful and catered to all learning types. Everything was very easy to understand and prepared me for highschool.
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My years spent at this school were tough, but it wasn't because of the staff, or even (entirely) the other students. Those years of my life were the roughest, because I was still struggling not to reject the help i needed out of hand. If it weren't for my mentor, and several incredibly passionate (and patient) teachers, I probably wouldn't have made it through.
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