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Lyndon B. Johnson High School Reviews

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I would definitely like to see a change in overall atmosphere at Lbj. It’s been stigmatized as a bad school that even the students there genuinely believe the education they’re receiving isn’t valuable.
Good school with an excellent program. faculty and staff are friendly. The teachers do an excellent job.
The early college program gives students of divers backgrounds a chance to earn an associates. This program, along with the dule enrollment and UT on Rams program have done a good job of helping student transition in to a college ready status. However the programs could be a bit more selective and rigorous to fully give students the college treatment.
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LBJ really has been such an amazing high school. The teachers are caring, kind, and dedicated. I have to say it is the best high school in town. This high school cares for its students beyond their grades.
LBJ has such an amazing environment and it’s filled with great loving people from what I have experienced. I love going to school and seeing everyone’s bright faces and outgoing personalities. Although it has had its problems, I am not ashamed of attending it and receiving a college education in my junior year.
Was a part of the Early College program, teachers were very interactive and provided wide range of knowledge in their fields.
I like how teachers work at my high school as well as the rules they put, the tardy sweeps are helpful for those who are always in the hallways and do not let others get to their classes on time. There are a lot of different certifications you can get as well, which in my opinion is something great.
Overall, this school has been great. However, we are not offered classes in Engineering. Still, considering the STEM field there are good math classes. Also, we have dual enrollment which has been helpful.
LBJ is a very accepting school and we have great teachers and staff; however, because of many students we have some strict rules with are tardy sweeps which mean after the tardy bell everyone who gets picked up gets a referral and we’ll they take away your phone but other than that it’s a very good school. Our principal got our school grade from a D to a B
Lyndon B. Johnson High School was everyone's average high school. It does not stand out very much in comparison to the other three high schools in its district. Many would like to see LBJ as the "under dog" of the district. the school, clubs, teachers, and faculty all do a good with their job. But the reason why it is seen in such a way, and why it has its reputation of being a poor school, is because of the students. The students are disobedient and very unorganized in ways to where their behavior makes this school be seen as what it is and is not given the respect it deserves. I wish for the reputation to change and for this school to be seen in a better way rather than to be downgraded just because of where it's located and how the students are.
Lyndon B. Johnson High School has some of the most dedicated students in South Texas. With the high spirits of the teachers and administrators, many students have had a nice time learning and growing. Also, this school is one of the most cleanest institutes among the city of Laredo. This school has given many poor families many opportunities for their children to learn and become a part of the community.
I’ve been at LBJ for all four years of my high school career. LBJ education is one of the easiest education programs that I have been a part of. Also the school could be very on organized and not have stuff planned for the students or change stuff at the last minute. Some parts of the school were bad and somethings were good. While attending this high school I joined the early College program my freshman year and because of this I am able to graduate with some college credit. I would recommend LBJ for a student who doesn’t know how to focus in a environment can easily distract them. LBJ isn’t for everyone it takes a certain kind to go to the school and be very successful without being in any drama.
My personal experience at Lyndon B. Johnson High School has taught and build me into the respectful, independent, and well mannered young lady I am today. I’ve attended this amazing school since my freshman year and thankfully all throughout my four years of education I have been given a very high level of high school courses as well as college courses thanks to the Early College Program. These courses have been taught by only the best of the best teachers. This whole school is kept at a healthy environment thanks to all the staff and administrators there. The extra curricular clubs and organizations offered here at Lyndon B. Johnson give the students a variety of clubs and or organizations that allowed every student to join something of their interest. For example, ever since my freshmen year I’ve been part of the LBJ Dreamcatchers Dance Team. This team has had a positive effect on my four years of high school.
Lyndon B Johnson HS prioritizes student academics and achievement. I would implement more academic incentives to increase student engagement. There is also a lot of differentiated instruction which means that the education given to students is student centered and not curriculum based in order to meet student needs. LBJ is a great school that makes every student priority and focuses on their own needs. Each child is different and LBJ makes sure that each student has their needs satisfied according to their levels.
I believe this high school has great students & staff. Everyone is well involved and spirited. Honestly it may be on of the best schools in the district.
what I like about my school is that they provide college classes and programs for students to enroll in to see them succeed. What would I change? Nothing.
I would like to see our school spirit advance more because as in right now my peers and teachers are not fully participating in anything that is celebrating the school's spirit.
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A lot of amazing memories have been made in this school. My curriculums extended my learning experience to another level; a step higher, to be in fact. Although I've stated that good memories have been made here, that wasn't always the case. The teachers and administrators were awfully kind and respectful. Overall, I'd advice anyone who comes here to be nice to those around them as they would be to them.
Great school, school district. Very well educated teachers, great school system. Riles are set so boundaries are not crossed and system is always neutral.
Many individuals believe that LBJ is a very low academic school from the south side. However, that stereotype is incorrect since we have the first early college program from UISD inside LBJ. I just graduated from that program and I want other individuals to see how under appreciated LBJ is.
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