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Lyndon B. Johnson High School Reviews

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The school is very small which helps when you need some extra help in learning. The teachers have time to help everyone and give you as much help as needed. The teachers were very good and smart. I learned a lot, but we did not have the resources that most schools have because we are a robin hood school and have to give our money away.
I have in this school for two years and it was a great experience with the my teachers and good classmates.
It's school and community. Great place to study at. Great teachers and staff! Small town so you can participate in everything you want and enjoy the culture.
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LBJ is just a basic high school with average individuals. I would like to see everything more organized and less problems.
I really enjoyed the size of LBJ High School. It was nice to be able to connect with teachers and coaches on a more personal level. What I didn't like and am struggling with in college is that because it is a small school the curriculum wasn't very hard. I didn't really have to study for my classes because they were not hard at all. So I now have terrible study habits in college.
The school is pretty safe. Visitors must sign in.
There are many after-school activities and support
The community feeling makes this school unique.
Teachers are very interested in their students.
The school has a few clubs and organizations, but not really anything beyond what would be expected.
What makes this school unique is its small size, and the closeness with each other that results from that.
Most of the teachers really know and understand what they are teaching, however there are few that have no idea whats going on.
I wish there were more extracurricular activities, as well as more opportunity to have a better education.
I love this school and couldn't imagine spending my high school career any place else.
This school is fun to attend.
Our administration is firm yet will listen. I love our principal, she is a cool-cat.
I'm not involved in athletics, but the facilities are good for the size of our school. There needs to be a better practice field for the band. Our track needs to become UIL rated to host track meets. Our gymnasium is awesome! It's a great facility for indoor sports.
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There are several teachers that are a special breed. The good definitely outweigh the bad.
Sports are the main extracurricular activities with a huge emphasis on a luke warm football team.
Not a large percentage of students are involved in extracurriculars but the ones that are tend to excel in more than one.
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