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I have been attending Lyndon Academy since I was in the 4th grade, and am currently a Junior. It has definitely changed my life for the better! I have learned so many life skills and gained many friends along the way!
Our child has loved Lyndon!
We especially love the foreign language component. The faculty and staff have truly taken a personal interest in our child's education. Thank you!
My children are students at Lyndon Academy and have thrived its environment. The students have specialized teachers for each subject beginning in Kindergarten. The teachers educate about the subjects that they are most passionate about, and the students are given the best chance for enjoying the material for themselves. The school emphasizes personal responsibility, laying a foundation for lifelong success. The students from the first graduating class (2018) were recognized as academically exceptional and were accepted to many different colleges. I believe that the education and preparatory skills that Lyndon offers will help groom students for a bright future.
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Lower school is great. Lack of management is causing huge issues in upper school. Bullying is rampant. Teachers aren't certified. AP offerings are weak and teachers are not getting students through AP exams. Police involved with bullying complaints they are so bad.
We love Lyndon Academy so much! Our son thrived there. The teachers were amazing and so were the children.
We have two children at Lyndon Academy and are very happy with their education. Attending school has been a very positive experience and they really love their teachers. They are engaged and challenged. The school itself is clean and safe, something that has stuck with me since our tour. The families that attend Lyndon want the best for their children. Private education isn't always an easy or cheap decision to make, but we know that we made the right one.
I have attended Lyndon Academy for 11 years. I love the atmosphere, students, and teachers. I have been able to excel in academics, music, and be involved in many special activities. The school has grown immensely since I first attended it. We have had the opportunity to create a legacy for the future generations. I without a doubt think that Lyndon Academy will thrive long after I have graduated and will continue to create new memories. The school truly is special and offers an amazing environment for young minds.
I have been a student at Lyndon Academy for a long time, and although it may seem like there are less opportunities than at public schools, there are actually more. The community is so tightly-knit and everyone feels like a family. Every single one of our teachers cares about our success, and we are provided all of the resources that we need to succeed. Students at Lyndon Academy also have the chance to create new traditions and events that they can get involved with, such as school dances, casual days, and spirit weeks. One thing that I really like about Lyndon Academy is the interaction between the older students and the younger students. I like that there are so many opportunities for the older students to get to know and help the younger students, which makes the school seem even more tightly-knit. Lyndon Academy is a great school, and I can't wait to see how it grows in the future.
This is my fifth year attending Lyndon Academy and I absolutely love it! I have opportunities that I would not have at other schools. I have the chance to play three sports while being in the school's concert band. That is not something a typical high school student is able to do. The atmosphere at Lyndon is also very close knit. I have made friendships that will last long after I graduate and I have close relationships with my teachers. Lyndon provides chances for me to grow and have experiences that I will not find anywhere else. I have had the opportunity to go to China to expand my Chinese, I got to go to Washington, DC to experience our nation's capital, as well as other fun and educational trips. Student involvement is a priority at Lyndon. Students have opportunities to create traditions and activities that will continue to be a part of Lyndon even after they have graduated.
It's all about opportunities for my kids, and that is what Lyndon provides for them. It is a family oriented environment with incredible teacher-to-student ratios. My kids get foreign language education every day in two foreign languages, opportunities in the arts and athletics, and teachers that tutor them when needed. They have a well-rounded education platform that will provide them with open doors down the road, and they can participate in three sports, play in the band, and travel around the world.
After touring many schools in the Cherokee and Cobb area, Lyndon by far surpassed all of our expectations. Our daughter is currently enrolled in Junior K. The staff at Lyndon made our daughters transition into a structured environment seamless. The staff is professional and kind, and they have made our experience exceptional. The technology and academics are impressive. We are thrilled to be apart of the Lyndon family.
I absolutely love Lyndon Academy. The multi-language program that includes Spanish and Mandarin offered at a young age. The warm, professional and caring teachers and staff that love what they do and truly care about our kids.

Go see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed and you would not want to go anywhere else.

The arts and music programs are top notch! When you visit you will see smiling faces all around you!
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