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As a parent I can say that this school is filled with very good teachers, compassionate students and teachers and a great administration. Children with special needs never felt neglected or isolated, I saw them integrate to rest of the group. My son was captain of the swim team and he enjoyed the camaraderie and effort of all the students that participated. He is sad to leave it now that he is graduating in June. It was a great experience for my son and also a good experience as a parent. Teachers always kept the parents informed about all the progress that our children made. I would definitively recommend this school to my friends.
I like Lyndhurst High school because of the social aspects about and its academics are pretty good as well. Everyone wants to make friends here and nobody holds any grudges. There are no stupid cliches and such. Just an overall good experience.
Lyndhurst is a very small town meaning that the high school is significantly small and because of that everybody know each other so it’s relatively easy to make friends, teachers and faculty are willing to help if you need to and the education level feels pretty average.
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It’s sad that I’m leaving Lyndhurst High School this year because there were great moments. The memories I had with the teachers because most of them cared about me and my education. Most of the teachers at our high school enjoy their job and love to teach the class. Not teach the subject but actually allow us to engage with the topic. They would also give us breaks from all the work and just talk with us like we were their friends, not just some students they were assigned to teach that year. The school is also really accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and advocates for our Gay Straight Alliance Club. The food was not the great part at all because it was not as diverse for everyone. As a Muslim I found it challenging to find food in the cafeteria and had to buy my lunch from a vending machine we, thankfully, have. Most of the meals were made from pig. It was only ham sandwich’s and hamburgers made with bacon.
I came into Lyndhurst High School as a sophomore and the school and students were extremely kind and inviting. Now its my last year and I am glad to have spent these three years here.
The school itself it pretty okay, but the teachers and relationships they form with their students are what make this school a little more worth it.
My experience in Lyndhurst High School was pretty good. It has its mix of good and bad teachers, but that is something everyone has to go through.
The academics are good when it comes to AP classes and Honors courses. However, the administration should focus on the fine arts programs more then the athletics. There are a lot of things to get involved in during the day. You can grow to learn your passions and branch out to try new things.
it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. staff and everyone was so nice and respectful.Nice envirnmoent, fun clubs.
this school would be so amazing if only they put air conditioning in the rooms cause I don’t even feel like working when it gets to hot so I can’t even listen to my teachers because all I think about is getting it of my class an trying to cool down so if they put sum kind of air conditioning this school would be amazing great teachers. They help out students that are struggling an really want to pass their classes an put effort in. Great school
I really like my Italian teacher Mr. Raguseo he has taught me all I know about the language. The school needs to have some air condition installed because it gets very hot in the summer time. Sometimes we cannot even be in the classroom because it is too hot. Otherwise the school is not that bad.
The pep-rally’s is off the hook. Some teachers are good others not so much. Overall the changes I want to see is counselors talking to us more about our college reach out to us in private.
My experience at Lyndhurst High School has allowed me to grow into the woman I am. As a senior in high school, college is a major focus of mine, and I feel that all of my teachers have dedicated their time to helping me find my path. The teachers are understanding and comforting but remain rigorous to ensure we do not become lazy or slack. If I could change one thing about our school it would be an increase in diversity. I am a very open-minded person with a love for other cultures and learning about the lives of others. LHS has a predominately white population and I feel that with more diversity, the school would become even more influential and inviting for future generations.
I enjoyed my experience at Lyndhurst High School, but I wish more opportunities were offered to me. I feel like the school did not help me enough with college deadlines, preparations, and support. Our school offers a good amount of advanced classes which is nice, but they do not offer many clubs at all. My teachers have always been very good no matter their resources, and I feel lmthag I’ve leaves a lot.
Small district. Schools are eliminating the important subjects and extra curricular activities kids need. Rotation schedules and days are confusing and don't work with certain class needs and requirements.
The school is alright as a whole. The education level is decent, but the teachers don't really help struggling students.
My name is Ashley Garcia and I have attended lyndhurst public schools my entire life. Since the start of High School I have changes so much because I have experienced many things in Lyndhurst. They have so many programs, clubs, organizations, and sports one can join. The high school has taught me to be very independent. The teachers, helpers, and coaches were amazing because they never gave up on a student and always encouraged them. They have changed my life dramatically and now I know I want a successful career and future. I wouldn't change anything about the High School.
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Attending schools within the Lyndhurst district since I was in kindergarten, my experiences within this town have mainly been very positive. The academics are not exceptional, but very good. What is most potent about Lyndhurst High School is the spirit and pride that the students, teachers, and residents have. While there are some technicalities within the education system that the school still needs to address, I am glad to have received my education as well as many opportunities from Lyndhurst High School.
Lyndhurst High School is an average school in NJ. I am an Alum of this school and have both a senior and a sophomore currently attending. I feel Lyndhurst has a long way to go to provide an adequate education for college readiness. The facilities need to be upgraded as well. I hope in future years, they can bring the education level up several notches to be in competition with other good high schools in NJ.
Lyndhurst High School is a really nice school in which the teachers value education and create great relationships between them and students. This is where I've met great people and learned that the teachers push us hard for our benefit. The classes can be challenging, but again, it is for our benefit. Lyndhurst High School has amazing extra curricular activities including sports and clubs. This way, everyone can be active. The only flaw is the uniform policy. It is unnecessary because the students do not follow the policy and the faculty do not enforce it properly. Other than this small flaw, Lyndhurst High is a great school for making new relationships, working hard, and being involved in extracurricular activities.
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