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What I liked about LHS was the kind and helpful teachers. They were eager to help if a student had any questions. I also liked the many clubs and activities offered. It was easy for students to get involved in school activities.
From my experience, if you become more involved in the school, you'll have a much better time. Everyone accepts another person into a new activity, although that does not mean that the school doesn't have a problem with cliques.
I am a junior at Lynden High School. The campus is small, and the classes are around 25 students each. I enjoy the AP classes that are offered and the teachers do their best to prepare us for college. There are several clubs to choose from as well as a well rounded athletic program. Overall I am very satisfied with the High School.
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Lynden High School is a great school. The teachers and staff work hard to help the students to succeed. Lynden High School is known for its great sports programs, but the drama and musical department, FFA, FBLA, and many other clubs and activities are top-notch as well. With such a large amount of clubs and activities available there are ample opportunities for everyone to get involved and feel connected.
The school itself is starting to be unfit for the amount of students that it has to hold and it is in need of more teachers and rooms. It is good for a high school and can help prepare you for college with all its CIHS and AP classes. there is a heavy lack of funding in the arts such as Choir and Acting since the majority of funding goes into the sports teams.
I appreciated the chance to make friends with some great people I wouldn't have made friends with otherwise. Lynden has a select few great teachers, however it is heavily focused on athletics, and that tended to get in the way when it came to non-athletic students.
I have a few good friends there. I wish some kids there weren't jerks and wouldn't make fun of people different than them.
I went to Lynden high school and graduated a couple years ago. I loved Lynden! I went to a private school before transferring to Lynden in middle school and I am so happy I transferred. I made life long friends during high school.
I enjoyed my time spent at Lynden High School. The teachers we all very kind and very good at what they do.
Lynden High School is your average school. Sports are valued higher than most academic ventures, counselors are unhelpful and in my experience, rather unfriendly. Overall, my experience with the school has been fairly average. Although, the school does a bad job of working with Running Start kids and most are kept out of the loop on school events.
I love all the opportunities at Lynden High School. I have really enjoyed my experience. I participate in sports, student government, FFA, chess, knowledge bowl, and National Honor Society and I have found that high school is super awesome when you jump in and get involved.
Lynden High School is pretty good. The teachers for the most part want you to succeed and you get to know them on a personal level. I wish that the academics were so full of fluff material. I wish that they taught things like how to write, rather than just assigning an essay.
Lynden High School is an okay school. Some teachers are very passionate about what they teach and make learning interesting, but other teachers could care less and expect you to teach yourself everything. The school itself is a little old but the classroom sizes are okay. The principle is an amazing human being. It is not a diverse school the majority of the population is dutch. Many people only care about the sports.
Phenomenon school that takes academics to the next level by providing college level classes as well as High School. Lynden supports kids and their future by offering many options for sports, clubs, emotional connection and college planning. Lynden High is full of highly motivated leaders that step up for kids in our community.
Overall, pretty good, but the school districts offerings pale when compared to a city like Bellingham or Everett. Basically once the population of Lynden gets large enough, the schools will begin offering what they should have the whole time.
What I love about Lynden High School is how small the school is and how it makes it easy for everyone to interact with others.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Lynden High School. I feel as though high school is what you make of it. Choosing to be involved in school activities made high school much more enjoyable for me. Developing relationships with my teachers also benefited me in many ways.
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I enjoyed LHS because I was very involved; in academics, clubs, and music. They have great sport teams and teachers who genuinely care about the success of their students. Overall, a wonderful experience.
Lynden High school is school that is based around community. We have a very diverse group of staff and students. This contributes to our strong culture environment. LHS also has many activities that students can get involved in. Such as boys and girls sports, and over 70 different clubs.
Great school with great sport teams, teachers are pretty great, a lot of history and traditions going on in this town.
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