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I love the Christian community within it. It is a safe environment for anybody! I would change the diversity to more diverse.
I like the encouragement of community and teacher-student relationships. Sports are a very big deal at Lynden Christian so the Arts get swept under the rug. I would love to see this change.
Lynden Christian gives a variety of opportunities from it's state championships sport teams to its immersion of AP and in class college classes. It does a wonderful job of getting college credits to students before entering college, and maintains good study habits. Although these factors are genuinely great the downfall is that if the student does not need to go to college for their future or a trade college it does not have many options. The school has added some more classes of a hands on type, for example apprenticing at a nearby company, it could still add more.
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I love how invested the teachers are for their students. They go above and beyond just teaching. They not only have our best education in mind, but take time to invest in relationships with us as students. They pray for us and what the future holds for us.
Great school with great academics, teachers are great and always willing to help. The community is wonderful.
I really enjoyed my experience at Lynden Christian! The thing that I liked the most about LC was the small scale school experience and the personal connection that I could make with all of my teachers. LC not only has great academics, but it also has an amazing sports and drama program! Through my time at LC you could really tell that it was a Christian school, from the chapels every Thursday morning , daily devotions before classes start, and being able to talk freely with others and in class about your faith in the Lord, you can definately tell that this school is really trying to give their kids the best Christian education possible.
I think it’s a great school with great opportunities. Your education is founded in a school where Christianity is placed in the center of focus. I love how the teachers are leaders and friends as well as the rest of the staff. Some things I would like to see change is more freedom for the students such as off campus lunches and more money spent on the arts rather than for athletic purposes.
Lynden Christian gives exactly what it advertises, teaching for a Christ centered academic mind. All teachers are good, and few are very commendable. the atmostphere is kind, along with an array of clubs and athletics to include everone.
My experience with Lynden Christian was quite pleasant. I was heavily involved in sports which made my time there a blast. The teachers and faculty were very helpful and adequate in my academic success. One thing that Lynden Christian lacks is diversity; the school is almost 100% white, however, I didn’t find it to be a big problem.
I started at LC when I was three years old and next year I will graduate! I'm so glad that my education has been centered around Christ. It is a great community of love and support. Visitors from other schools always comment on how safe our school is. We often leave our backpacks sitting out in the halls. When there is an assembly everyone's stuff absolutely lines the walls. We don't need to worry about anyone taking anything. As a small school, LC doesn't have the same selection of classes that a larger school might. But it makes up for it with small class sizes and caring teachers. LC is working on expanding it's curriculum and adding classes geared for entering the workforce as well as college. Just like any other school there is going to be issues, but overall the small community bursting with love for each other and for Jesus is a perfect fit for me, and hopefully for a lot of other kids too.
They have fine teachers. No diversity in the students at all. I could recall stuck up proud white Dutch people. Amazingly competitive in sports & not really well-organized system as a whole. Hard to fit in and make friends in the school..
It is a good sized private Christian school that I would gladly send my children to. It has beautiful facilities as is in a wonderful town. Great teachers. Great classes.
Lynden Christian is really a community of closely knit students and faculty, who strive to be their best daily and everyone works together for a common cause.
Lynden Christian is preparing me well as a Christian in the world and has devoted staff who care about the students.
As a graduate from Lynden Christian, and now attending college, I wish I had been better prepared in areas such as Chemistry, Biology, Public speaking, and math. We had great sports teams, but few clubs which made it hard to get involved. It is a solid school academically, but not easy socially.
I love the teachers at LC. They're always so willing to help and are always encouraging. The faculty is great as well. The students at LC are overall welcoming to newcomers but you can definitely tell which groups are which. All in all, this is a great school that helps prepare your kids for life after high school whether they go to college or go straight into the workforce.
Lynden Christian provides a great education and strives for excellence. The only problem I have with Lynden Christian is it is full of people who are unaccepting, snotty, and rude. Lynden Christian has a profile of White, blonde haired, blue eyed, sporty kids who care more about winning the state championship than they do about basically anything else. Through the years I have been there I have seen some improvement and seen teachers who try to be more christian and focus on teaching and their faith, but they still have a long way to go.
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Lynden Christian has been a wonderful experience for me. The teachers there desire to help you achieve everything you want and are always there for you. The students there are all very determined and go above and beyond during class to achieve grades they desire. The administration is the only problem I have noticed with the school; they sometimes doesn't always do what's best for the school or the students.
I love the school. As we've grown older I've seen people become friendlier and less cliquey, unlike the younger years where everyone is kind of finding their own identities. The teachers are very nice and if they make mistakes they're also required to fix them, same as the students. 9/10 would recommend.
Lynden Christian has a great community and challenges students in and out of the classroom. Students are of good character, and teachers too. We could use another high school counselor though because she is very busy with the amount of students we have and it is hard to talk with her in-depth about applying to certain colleges because of her availability.
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