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Lyncrest Elementary School Reviews

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This is a great school community. Wish the district offered after school sports instead of in evenings. Food offered has not been good but a new provider is starting this year. Overall an azing school.
This is where this school truly shines.
It is a small school. A lot of things just to apply.
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Administrators are beaurucrats, these seem better than most.
All the teachers I've met so far are amazing.
My girl has been through kindergarten and first grade at this point, and she's thriving, that's all I care about.
It's an elementary school. The town handles sports and the like.
There might be too many extracurricular activities. There are only so many hours in a day.
Luckily, we're a very safe and relatively small town. Police would be at the school in a moments notice.
Every group seems to be represented. It is very diverse.
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