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Lynchburg-Clay High School Reviews

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My experience at Lynchburg-Clay High School has been really awesome. I feel like most or all of the teachers here really do want to see every single student succeed. It is a pretty small school but there are plenty of sports and extracurricular activities and classes. It offers some CCP courses there at the school which is nice. I play varsity soccer for the school and the soccer program is spectacular. I'm also involved in the schools student council which does a lot of volunteering.
Small school where everyone knows everybody. My class was very competative on the field and in the classroom.
Its a great over all school, the teachers and staff members work with each and every student as much as they can. None of the teachers want to see any of us struggle through school.
I wouldn't change much to the school, if anything.
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I've attended Lynchburg-Clay since preschool and I'm graduating this spring. In my experience the school has provided strong opportunities for the students who plan on attending college or want to have a career in the future. The teachers create a healthy learning environment where the students are able to interact and get a hands on experience with the lesson. If anything could be improved it would be the resources availability; computers, science experiments supplies, more AP classes, and creating a more diverse environment so the students will be more well-rounded after the graduate and leave Lynchburg.
I enjoyed my close friends but got very little out of the school academically. It definitely did not prepare me for college.
Hands on learning experiences with the teachers. It is a very well managed school and includes all fairness to the students and teachers. Opens up many opportunities for students futures
Lynchburg-Clay High School was a very fun filled school for me and my other classmates. The friendships made throughout my years here are wonderful as well as the education I received. Teachers and staff make the experience safe, and also make you feel as if you are important not only as a student but as a person. Lynchburg-Clay has a lot of options for your own liking examples are sports, clubs, and after school activities. The academic choices provided are college prep, and basic courses, however we have been providing a few extra courses that can count as a college course as well.
My school hold academic excellence close to the vest. Along with having top rated students we also have wonderful athletes, who compete in 2 plus sports yearly along with maintaining above a average of 3.0 GPA. Juggling both takes responsibility, hardworking, and dedication. I am a proud member of the 2016 state final four soccer team for division 3. As well as a member of the track team. This school holds its students and athletes to above standards, and the community is always there to rally behind them.
Due to the aforementioned importance of athletics, very little emphasis is placed on academics.
Athletics are the only way to be acknowledged at this school outside of displays of physical violence. If you're not an athletic person you will only have a small group of people to befriend. Students are harmful to themselves and others.
Most of the safety precautions in place at Lynchburg would do very little to stop, or even slow any kind of attack or danger and does not protect students from their greatest threat, themselves.
Clubs (outside of athletics) don't get the funding or attention they deserve but miraculously manage to bring out the best in their members.
Parents don't really play a substantial part in any area of the school besides attending athletic events.
It's hard to say that the teachers here are anywhere near adequate. Save for a few outliers, one has to question if the teachers at Lynchburg are here for anything more than the pay. Favoritism plays a substantial part in the classroom, and some students are ignored almost completely.
Most of the teacher's are quite terrible & don't really care about the students as individuals.

It's all about teaching to the test - little useful/applicable information is taught.
Our doors are locked but all you have to do is press a button and you can get in and go anywhere in the school you want. The "security" they offer is a major joke
Basketball and soccer are the major sports. If you don't play in one of them you are nothing.
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The parents, staff and coaches at LCHS put WAY too much pressure on the kids to play sports. They are way too competitive. If they lose a game, they will sure pay for it at the next practice. The kids are very rude and think they are better than everyone else. They bully all of the special needs people. There are a bunch of drugs, but mainly pot. I would never go back to that school and I would never recommend it to anyone.
The teachers favor the popular kids and the special needs. They both could fail everything and they still get at least a C or a B in the class. Their "college prep" and "honors" classes are a joke. Most of them are nice but some are very rude.
I honestly love my school I feel like the teachers try to help you experience real life things and don't just make you read from a book all day long it's more interactive and I think that's what students need it helps you stay focused and enjoy learning an most of the time if you enjoy something you'll do a better job at doing whatever it is you enjoy.
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