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Lynbrook High School is an amazing school. For my senior year i attended there. At first i wasn't happy but eventually i fit in there well. From the teacher down to my class of 2020 students, treated me so nice. They never made me feel left out and that was a good feeling. The staff members are so caring and nice. I as apart of many clubs also. But my main focus as my academics. I also volunteer to do my community service in my community. Lynbrook high school is a great community. The neighborhood is very clean and pretty. I as so happy to attend my last year there.
The people there were very open and willing to help. If there was a question, they didn't know the answer to, they were honest but also willing to connect me to the resources necessary to obtain it. The only thing I would've liked better if for more diversity so as to have broader perspectives and more interesting conversations throughout my high school experience.
Lynbrook High School is truly an excellent place to get an education. The staff is excellent and they do a good job of allowing everyone’s academic interests and needs to be met.
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Very close knit community, rigorous courses available to those who want it. A lot of school spirit but sports teams aren’t the best
It is a great school, but there is always room for improvement. There are some truly amazing and life-changing teachers, but others are just plain horrible. I think the staff could do more to assist in the college process, since many things I had to teach and find out myself. I would not want to attend any other high school though go owls :)
I had an excellent experience here. I moved here freshman year and was welcomed tremendously. Everyone is very friendly including teachers and students. I was prepared for college very well.
I enjoyed my high school career at Lynbrook Senior High School. The school has an amazing staff who are full of people there for your better interest.
Great. I have no complaints with the teachers I’ve had in the past and the social workers really help make it a place of comfort if your new to the school.
Lynbrook Senior High School is a great school but I do wish they were better at hiring replacement teacher. They focus a lot on safety, although, they have an open campus. The other students are really nice and so are teacher and coaches.
Friendly and supportive staff and teachers with a plethora of extracurriculars offered. Student environment is mostly friendly. Quite a few fun student events occur including class night.
I love Lynbrook High School! It has given me so many opportunities in clubs, classes, and the student culture. This schools offers a variety of AP classes, many of which I have taken, that help prepare the students for college. All of the extracurricular activities are such a great experience and so much fun!
Lynbrook is a great school with the perfect amount of students. There aren't too many where you can get lost in a crowd, and there aren't too few where you're limited and everyone knows each others business. The teachers know everyone's name and genuinely care about their students.
Lynbrook High School prepared me for the rest of my academic career. It has offered me many tremendous opportunities that I will be forever grateful for. Without the help of my teachers, counselors, and friends, I would not be where I am today.
Lynbrook High School is a great high school for its academics, college preparation and emphasis on student safety. Classes are rigorous (as long as they are AP or Honors-level) and academics are emphasized only slightly less than athletics. Lynbrook athletics, while mostly unsuccessful, help the community come together around our sports teams and build a sense of school pride.
Many classes at Lynbrook are more difficult than college courses and I often find myself helping my friends in college with their homework in subjects like Biology and Calculus. Overall, Lynbrook is a place to grow and the administration and safety policies here definitely promote that growth.
I love that the school is open campus and all the teachers are super great but, the students are very cliquey and its hard to make friends here.
I transferred to this school sophomore year from a private school, and it granted me many opportunities that I did not have in my old school. Academically challenging but worth it
A great high school! Very dedicated, talented, close knit staff who care about their students. Average infrastructure, but very safe and in a convenient area. Overall a good experience.
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Lynbrook was full of very caring and encouraging teachers and staff. The school is relatively small compared to some other towns but there is certainly a lot of pride surrounding this community.
My favorite thing about Lynbrook High School is how many activities we have like Class-night, Sports-night, lots of concerts and trips and so many other activities. But I would love to see the School grow bigger, like it would be amazing if the Chorus Room wasn't in the auditorium but a real Chorus room with lots of stands and space to properly sing.
If you want a school that can provide a decent education for you then you will be satisfied with lynbrook. The school is extremely cliquey and, coming from the city where diversity is huge, the student body seems awfully white. Its honestly hit or miss, you either love it or hate it.
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