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I know a lot of people say it's a competitive school, which it is, but to me it pushed me to be better. However, that's partly because my friend group isn't as toxic about grades and such as compared to other groups. In conclusion, who you hang out with influences your experience more.
Really one of the best schools. So much spirit, but also fun teachers and classes that are challenging. Great music programs and extracurriculars. Location is also a big plus cause it is a 20-minute walk from a major mall as well as there is a park just down the street.
Lynbrook High School is a top high school in the bay area. The courses are very academically rigorous and a majority of the students are very academically focused. If you are looking for diversity, this is probably not the best place to look as most of the students are Asian. The teachers, clubs, and other activities like homecoming and powderpuff are all very good. Lynbrook High School is the school where you would probably find our future leaders in many industries, including business, engineering, and med.
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Lynbrook can be toxic due to academic competition. Students focus more on academics than social life or sports. But, I feel like this has pushed me to excel academically and be more prepared for college. Homecoming week is a big deal at Lynbrook and it's fun seeing what each class has prepared in decorations, dances, and skits every year.
Academically challenging but very motivating to be surrounded by intelligent people. Learning environment did get unhealthy at times due to the competitive nature. Requires a lot of work, time, and energy to be put in. Staff is willing to help, though it requires reaching out to them first.
I think Lynbrook is a very competitive school, so students often forget to take time off of their day to focus on themselves and relax.
I enjoyed the strength of the academics at Lynbrook High School, however the environment there was toxic.
It has a very competitive environment, with mostly supportive students and staff. Some sports programs are much better funded than others, but overall it is okay.
Lynbrook prepared me extremely well for University. Many clubs were offered, though they were mostly academic. It would be nice to see more "doing-this-just-for-fun" clubs.
Lynbrook High School, although highly competitive and filled with many smart people, is a place with tons of spirit and fun. The environment is very welcoming with many activities happening, so you rarely get bored.
Lynbrook is an incredible school academic-wise. We have extremely motivated students, (mostly) enthusiastic teachers, and helpful guidance counselors. Other than that though, there is a toxic competitive culture in which students will constantly hope to outdo each other and do better than one another.
Lynbrook has enriched my learning experience. The teachers are always encouraging, and all of them have motivated me to keep on learning. All of my fellow classmates have always been supportive of my learning career.
Lynbrook Highschool is a school with great academics and activities. I personally feel like it truly prepared me for college, and I am ready to face all challenges head on. It's extremely easy to get involved at the school since there are various clubs, teams, or even charities you can help out with. You undeniably have the opportunity to find something that interests you and helps you grow as an individual. Every student is extremely friendly and they always look out for one another. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are willing to come to school early or stay later in order to help their student with any questions. Overall, I wouldn't want to spend my school days in any other place besides Lynbrook Highschool!
Lynbrook is very academically focused. Many students have absolutely no interest in school sports. Maintaining high grades is difficult due to the high curve.
Lynbrook High School is a school that provides various opportunities, including many music, science, and art programs. The teachers are insightful and dedicated, and are devoted to the growth of each and every student. The school preaches significant values such as leadership, respect, and kindness. I gave enjoyed being a part of Lynbrook High School for the past years, and i am grateful for the opportunities I have recieved.
I feel like the school is a very good school. It does have some bad points though, like being poor at sports. Other than that I feel good coming to school everyday.
They cheat on virtual business and it is very unfair. Someone needs to STOP Cash Money before they cheat on their future spouses.
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Some may find it discouraging to be surrounded by unicorn GPAs and SATs, but so far, I am happy with my experience in the school. I was always surrounded by other motivated students, which pushed me to work harder and excel.

The classes offered are very rigorous and challenging, but the tests are reasonable and the homework assigned actually helps you learn the content.

Also, this school is best fit for students intending to major in STEM, since they provide you with a lot of helpful resources.
I like that the teachers are dedicated to teaching students, and they offer many great programs. The teachers are available to help outside of class, and do their best to help you succeed. The counselors and other staff are also great resources, helping guide you through high school and college apps.
Very academically intensive, but has resources to support students. If you are looking to have fun in high school it's possible here but remember that most students are looking to push themselves academically first. Also, facilities are somewhat old (although they are being renewed). There is also a lack of ethnic diversity.
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