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Lyme-Old Lyme High School Reviews

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It’s a great school. I went here, my oldest went here and my younger one is attending it now. The teachers are wonderful and they have a great athletic program. I personally had a great experience as a student here and now as a parent.
It is a interesting school. I only been attending it for about 4 weeks now since i recently moved from New York. The kids are respectful, no bullies from what i know and they're a well managed school!
I would like the school to become more diverse and for there to be more opportunities outside of sports.
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Love this HighSchool I made great friends. Got into great colleges because of my experience here. I hope everyone will go to Lyme Old Lyme.
The administration is absolute trash and the people that go here are awful. Just overall not very good. Also diversity is practically non-existent
Lyme Old Lyme High School is one of the best schools for education I have heard. I agree with this statement because the past 3 years have been such an experience! I have learned so much from the teachers, and I really do love how close students can become with the teachers here at Lyme Old Lyme High School. I feel as if I have been able to learn better with the connections I have personally made with my teachers. The school is always looking for more and more to offer the students with hands on activities throughout the year to bond with the school which I think is absolutely awesome! The school offers many sports and also sports to join with other schools because we have a small school but the students on these specific teams always say it has been a great experience for them to bond and be a team with another school. Overall, I believe Lyme Old Lyme High School is a great place to be!
I had all A’s and I got a good SAT score but my friend who went to Hopkins got the same grade but got into Yale and we both applied so... That really sucks.
At LOLHS, I have enjoyed most of all the dedication of the staff and educators to not only being successful in the general terms of their job but also to the effort that is necessary to connect with their students and ensure their success.
It was always like one big family. Everybody knew everyone in town and whenever something happened, everyone was able to come together and be there for one another.
The relationships between students and teachers at LOLHS is amazing- very personal and understanding. Curriculum is lacking a tad, however the school gives a lot of effort to hear student's opinions to fix them. School's clubs are diverse, however some are more favorited than others. They make sure the school's atmosphere is a positive one as well, almost like a family.
The teachers were very passionate about their jobs and were very involved with the class, great staff, and the location was very pretty.
I only went for two years but they were good years. The diversity leaves much to be desired. Teachers are very engaging and the resources available to lolhs is phenomenal. The food is really good too. The sports teams are very successful even if the school is smaller. The building is also very well built and beautiful since the remodeling
I have really enjoyed my time at this high school, but I do think that there is a great disconnect between the administration and students sometimes.
Lyme old lyme high school has given me many opportunities to explore different areas of interest that i might have. I also have been able to take many college level courses which I can get credit for taking as well. Some thing I would like to see changed at this school is the relationship and interactions between administrators and students. There are times when the students voices aren't heard the way that they should be.
LOLHS is an amazing school.. it feels like being in a private school but it’s actually public. I really enjoy going to school here because it’s so beautiful and the teachers and classes are phenomenal.
A great academic environment that also fosters great opportunities for the arts. Most of the faculty are professional and enthusiastic about teaching. The student body varies with each class but a large portion of it is privileged rich kids. Fortunately the environment is not too cliquey and has its perks such as the awesome lunch system and classrooms. The arts department is amazing and the tech/engineering department is good for a small school. The administration is a little strict when it comes to random safety making the atmosphere sometimes strained. But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the school prepares students to be college ready, even if we don't do anything. Just by attending this school I raised my chances of being accepted by certain colleges that I wouldn't normally have been accepted to.
I have enjoyed my time at this school. The teachers are very kind and caring. They take the time to help you make sure you understand the topic they are teaching. The students are all kind and friendly and are happy to assist you in any way possible. The sports are fun and have a lot of support from your peers.
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I have never felt unsafe at school, and it has great security. While bullying is an issue, as it would be in any school, our community as a whole is very accepting and will stick up for someone being bullied. The nurse and health programs and resources are great. I think the school is very safe.
My school offers a plethora of clubs and organizations after school that fits almost all interests or hobbies that students have. The clubs are productive and work to make a positive difference in the school. The administration is great and always work to help the students. Really great school.
The parents at this school do their best to support students. As a student athlete, I can say for certain that the parents are always at games and regattas to cheer on not only their child, but the team as a whole.
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