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I had a great experience at Lyman Memorial High School. The teachers in the Vo-Ag program were some of the best. They always had your back, and would always check in even since i graduated i am still connected to those teachers.
Very good academic program, many very good teachers that care a lot. Agricultural program helped me further my career.
The school doesn't have much money and is very small about 320 students. A lot of kids do drugs. On the bright side the sports teams are good and it's usually pretty laid back and not stressful. The teachers are usually nice and connect to the students well.
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Choosing to go to Lyman was the best decision I ever made. Not only did I find the best friends and support group ever and was welcomed so graciously, but I found my niche as a member of the agricultural education program. The students of our agriscience department have easily become my family, one that is supportive and knows how to make you laugh. Without Lyman, I would never have joined the National FFA Organization that has shaped me into somebody I would never have imagined I could be in addition to awarding me with so many amazing opportunities.
Lyman Memorial High School has been an excellent experience for these past three and a half years. My favorite part about it is the FFA program. I have been able to learn a plethora of public speaking and leadership skills, as well as learning how to work as a team. I am also a part of the FFA officer team as vice president this year, so I am able to help make decisions for the chapter. Overall the FFA program I think is of huge importance to Lyman Memorial High School. This year I actually get to go compete at nationals for it.
My daughter had a good experience at Lyman. She was involved in sports and a few clubs. We did not need special services so I can't speak to that. Occasionally I did contact teachers and they were prompt and professional with their responses.
the only reason i still attend this school is because of like three teachers. The spanish teacher bullies students and doesn't actually teach. There is so much drama amongst the students. All the food is terrible
Lyman Memorial High School has provided me with many athletic opportunities, along with social involvement at sporting events, dances, and other school events. I would like the discipline in the school to change, to make our school have a better climate, and also I would like to see more AP classes and a diversity of other level classes offered.
Lyman is a special place to me, because while it may just be another small, farm-town, rural school; it accomplishes a lot more than what is expected of it. This applies especially to the world of sports. The school boasts a large number of academic and extracurricular achievements, that not many other schools of it's size has. For example, the girls volleyball program has been prestigious in recent history. Out of the last three seasons, the team has been in three state championships. Though they have only won a single championship, it doesn't take away from the teams consistent success and prowess. It's not just the action on the court or field that makes this school stand above others; it is also achievements in the classroom and in the schools agriculture department. There has been multiple national merit scholars since the year 2000 in the school as well as many students who attained high levels of success at the national agriculture conventions in which the school competes in.
My time during high school at Lyman really prepared me for life post high school and as I ventured on into college. The classes are great and a small -school really allows for students to get one-on-one class time with the teachers to ensure they succeed.
Well for starters I would like to say my four years at Lyman Memorial High School have been memorable. The staff and teachers were great. The one thing I would change would be the respect towards the students and the teachers.
Very small school with staff that makes you feel like family. Willing to go the extra mile to see you succeed.
My high school career was definitely highlighted by the athletic side of things. I am a two-season athlete at the school and I made so many great memories with my teammates.
I really felt like there was community here. Going to such a small school gave me the ability to meet all of my classmates and grow with them through the years. The teachers were really helpful and made connections with students. They seemed to really care about our successes.
Lyman Memorial is an average high school. It is very underfunded and thus does not prepare students as well as it could for college. However, most of the teachers invest a genuine interest in students' education and the overall climate is nice.
Lyman was a great school. I wish the school had more diversity however. I loved how close you could become with your teachers because there were such small class sized, and you could also be super comfortable with your classmates.
I enjoy being at Lyman Memorial High School. The teachers are very helpful and are usually willing to assist students if they need extra help in a certain area. Many students are involved in school activities, which help to keep you busy. However, I feel that some sports are favored more than others and receive more assistance. Overall, the classes teach a lot of information and Lyman is a nice place to learn!
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Very good school and interesting but not bad spread for course selection. Teachers are genuinely active in students education and do their best for their success. Warm and open school. Unfortunately, academic levelling isn't the best and too many students in a wide range of abilities are together and makes the pace too slow or too fast for most students
Lyman Memorial High School is a small rural High School that specializes in agricultural science. Yet they also have a well-rounded curriculum that thoroughly prepares students for college academics and living. They offer a wide variety of activities and also promote active participation in sports and the arts. Teachers are very supportive and always willing to go above and beyond for their students.
The classes are not too challenging, and very slow paced. I wish they offered a variety of classes, not just basic ones. I also wish they had a better gym facility for non-student athletes to work out in. I also wish we actually got motivated to be more fit and healthy.
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