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Lyman High School Reviews

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For the most part, the school is good. Discipline could be stronger. Students at this school love sports. The band program is consistently successful winning awards at different competitions. For being a small school, they offer a lot of things such as competitive cheer, cross country, football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, track, and golf.
I have a good experience at Lyman High School. The school is very small so you know everybody. You can create relationships with your teachers and be able to get one on one help with homework. There is always room for everybody to be able to participate in athletics if they want to.
This school has great programs for their extra-circular activities. The only complaint is not having as many opportunities as schools in a bigger area. There is track and field, volleyball, cross country, football, competitive cheer, sideline cheer, basketball, golf, drama, student council, oral interp, band, choir, national honor society, wrestling, and journalism.
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Most of the parents care about all of the students, obviously there are a few that do not. Overall the parental support system is magnificent and they really help the students succeed in every aspect of school.
The teachers at Lyman were great teachers, they care about all of their students equally and want nothing but the best for them. All of the teachers put adequate time into their classrooms and being prepared for the course.
I love my teachers and how willing they are to help us with not only our homework, but also out of school goals and dreams.
Since we have such amazing facilities, coaches, and players, our entire school and community are passionate about sport and completely supportive of everything we do.
I love the companionship and respect from my peers.
By working as a waitress after graduation I have felt what it's like to truly work hard and see the benefits of my labor.
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