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Lyman High School, was a great place to go to school. I was able to finish one semester of college in high school! Their sports are mediocre, and is easy to get on any team.
the teachers were all willing to work with you the classes were good. I would change that they need to better prepare us for the real world more.
My high school isn't very big. We have under 300 kids, but I enjoy this aspect of our school. With less kids we get more one on one time with our teachers, and we can build good relationships with them throughout our high school career. Our student body is very involved in support for our clubs and especially sporting events. Even though we have a small student body our enthusiasm during events makes us big. I have really appreciated the college courses our school offers for us. We have both AP courses and College Courses (offered through Western Wyoming Community College and Utah State University etc.) at our school that give us amazing opportunities to get a jump start to a college career.
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I’m a junior and I just moved here. I love the closeness of everyone. I do find it hard to fit in but I blame that on just moving here August of 2018 and everyone knowing each other since birth haha. There’s some experiences I wish I didn’t have but I do love it here. It has been hard to leave behind friends but I feel so welcome!
I enjoy the small class sizes and the resultant teaching style and teacher student relationships. You can participate in whatever activity you would like and you can participate in multiple activities. The music program is phenomenal and the sports program is very good. The fact that the school is small is very helpful in a number of ways but because of that there are not nearly as many opportunities as there would be in a big school like speech and debate or other clubs and classes. However the classes and activities that we do have are fantastic and our teachers, advisors, and coaches work very hard to make them the best they can be.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of Lyman High. The teachers and students were all very great. One thing I would like to change is how there is no preparation for college or real life. All they focus on is preparing students for the ACT.
My experience at Lyman High School was truly an exceptional four years. Being from a small school everybody knows everybody and tends to get involved in all of the activities put on by the student council, teachers, sports teams, and other various groups.
Lyman High School provides a good environment and makes it easy to feel safe. There are usually about 40-60 students in each grade, so it is quite a small school, which I believe makes learning a better experience.
Lyman high school is very great. They have all kinds of help for you if you need help. They have all sorts of clubs or activities that you can attend.
This school is quite unique, though it has a small pool of pupils its staff is well educated, kind, and helpful. Coming from a point in my life where I felt like an outcast I found my home as I branched out and immersed myself in all that this school has to offer. From physics to Art Club, and National Honors Society to Cross Country, this school has helped me to excel, it has proved to me that just because one is from a minority or a small region that she is still capable of obtaining anything that she puts in her sights. This school has helped me reach my potential by aiding me in helping to illustrate a book for Wyoming's First Lady, becoming a state champion, participating in community service, enrolling in college classes, visiting Washington D.C. (twice), to meeting the President of the United States. If I were to chose a high school for my future family I would choose Lyman High School.
The food at are school lacks in taste, everything they serve is flavorless.
are school is great the teachers are very kind and helpful you get the help you need to pass classes
A lot of people are of the same religious group but nobody bullies or puts the other down. we are all friends and respect each others beliefs.
Our building is probably one of the nicest in the state, we keep our halls, classroom, bathrooms, and commons clean more than 90% of the time. Our Gymnasium, Track, and Aquatic centers all have plenty of seating for spectators and are all very nice. Most parents support their student athletes and find it a priority in their life! This is a great school and community to be a part of.
I have loved this school, its small and our class is very close with each other. The only thing is i really would have loved to go to a bigger school because i like meeting new people and would have liked to have more experiences. I wouldn't mind going to this school again though if i needed to.
Most teachers at this school care about the students and grade fairly, they do not pick favorites, or choose to hand grades out like people do candy to children that ask for it on Halloween. I as do many teachers do believe that students need to earn their grades, not be given a grade. Our teachers are very knowledgable in the subjects they teach and offer extra help if needed.
In order to graduate from Lyman High School we must have 28 credits. In order to graduate on time, if you do not fail any class you are aloud one study hall or released time period each year you are in high school. Students seem to like the physical education classes the most. Our teachers care about their students and nine out of ten times will work with students to help them understand topics better and make sure they are prepared for tests.
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Our school is very safe, I live in a small community that looks out for each other and everyone mostly knows everyone in the valley. If something seems to be going wrong or seem out of place it is very likely it will be reported and taken care of imediatly. My school is very clean and is safe.
basketball, swimming, track, drama (M/F)
dance, cheer (F)
football (M)
very minimal choices but high participation

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