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I enjoyed my overall experience at Lyman. I feel like if I didn't go here then I wouldn't have received the opportunities I did and make it to where I am today.
It is hard to say how they change up things nowadays it use to fun and easy now it always be tripping with things
Overall a good school, but good be better. There are a few teachers who don’t really teach that well and sometimes the school is very dirty and not well taken care of.
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Lyman Highschool is definitely a school that focuses on future careers. I am in the engineering program and so far, it’s given me so much. My teachers helped me figure out what career I want to aim for in the future and they are very supportive about it. The campus is clean, the staff really care about the students. Everyone is treated equally. There is so much school spirit when it comes to sports, fine arts, and STEM competitions and events. Lyman offers so many clubs and sports; there is a sport and a club for everyone! The teachers are so helpful and they really do a great job when it comes to teaching and supporting their students! If I could describe the Lyman’s assets in three words it would be Unique, Inclusive, and Proud!
I graduated last year, but I cannot stress how much I enjoyed my time at Lyman, the teachers were fantastic, the sports and clubs were accessible to anybody. Overall it was, in my opinion, the best place someone could hope to attend for there high school experience.
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”– Aristotle. One of the many things I like about Lyman is that it did not matter where I was from, I was always welcomed. They received me with open arms and made me feel at home at all times. It is a diverse environment and you will always find yourself in an inclusive community. I came to master the written language, especially reading,as a tool for understanding the world. Mathematical language became important to represent and solve situations and problems of our daily life. I also came to understand and apply principles and methods of science to represent concrete reality. I developed the ability to work collaboratively, as a team, and with that came the reward and joy of solving and facing difficulties along my classmates. I would say that I faced many hardships, however, those made me stronger and taught me how to be resilient.If you want to feel like you belong, you should go to Lyman.
I really like how involved teachers are in their students academic. I'm also very proud of how inclusive my school is. As a society people tend to disregard/ignore people with mental disabilities, but in my school we have made it our priority to make a change. We have a club called, Best Buddies, where we raise money to support the disabled students at Lyman Hall and make sure that they get the best and most importantly, normal, high school experience ever. My school is not perfect, so of course I would love to see some changes. One change that I would like to see is a greater support for diversity. I would love there to be a celebration or club where we celebrate different cultures and promote diversity and equality in our school. That would not only promote change in our school, but as well in the real world.
The principal truly cares about his students and makes sure to get important messages out to the school on the morning announcements. There is also an abundance of AP classes to choose from at Lyman.
So far being in Lyman since Sophomore to Senior year has been a positive experience so far. With a great group of friends to belong and classes and clubs that curated your interests.
Lyman High School has a diverse population and emphasizes the need for students to be connected and kind to each other. They really want to create a learning environment where everyone feels welcome and that they can talk to a teacher about any personal issues. They want to make the school like a second home to the students.
Lyman has its ups and downs. A majority of my teachers have been wonderful and committed to my education. though, it is difficult to find interesting classes if you aren't in the engineering program.
I love my school, it is pretty diverse and accommodating. They way the school budget for various things need to change and be focused on things we need and not want. Their Colorgaurd and dance team is just spectacular.
While at Lyman High School I went through the engineering. It really opened up my eyes to a field of study I was never exposed to. Throughout my time, I had some really great teachers who helped me excel in my subjects. One of my favorite parts about attending Lyman was its block schedule, which gave me more time to fully understand what I was learning.
Lyman High School has been a dream come true for me. I got involved with so many different, unique clubs that were able to build my tool set for my future. I made great relationships with teachers, students, and administration.
Lyman has a great amount of diversity in the atmosphere. There are so many inclusive people around. Some of the educators have lost their passion though sadly. They aren't excited or happy to teach their subject which in turn makes us high school students not want to come to the class or begin to dislike the subject. The principle has put in a lot of effort to try and bring back school spirit, but doesn't listen to many of the students suggestions.
Most of the teachers are really smart and helpful, with some exceptions. The education is definitely great, but the environment isn't the best. Lots of school fights. Bathroom graffiti "artists."
Academics were pretty good, but everything else (except for the boy's volleyball team in 2014) was mildly subpar.
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It is not good at pretty much any sport, besides girls volleyball. Being poor at football tends to lower school spirit. However, because Lyman pulls from all different areas for its magnet program, it is very diverse. The magnet program is engineering and we have access to many good resources. Academically, Lyman is a bit above average compared to other schools. Hardly anyone comes to Lyman if they are hoping to play a sport competitively. On the flip side, our school is very welcoming because we acknowledge and accept other people's differences. We notice that we are diverse, so we do as much as we can to include everyone and boost involvement. Lyman has several different clubs available to everyone, ranging all the way from student government to multicultural club.
My experience at Lyman has been outstanding. The school's motto "Everyone Matters" really is prevalent on Campus. Anyone can start and/or join any club or organization. Lyman has a huge sports selection, and many programs of emphasis including teaching, engineering, carpentry, and automotive. The teachers all know their subject, and if you put dedication into your classwork, you can definitely succeed and be ready for ANY college or university.
I love how diverse and inclusive Lyman is; unlike other schools, Lyman doesn't have "popular kids" or "rich kids", everyone just has their own group of friends that works together as a class. Nevertheless, Lyman is an engineering school and I do wish they spent more time and money on improving our magnet program than on advertising athletics (which we definitely are not known for). I also wish there was better communication between administration and students, but overall I love Lyman and I've had an amazing time there!
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