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I joined because of the AgSci program and I love it! All the students are super friendly and I find the curriculum to be interesting. The staff really wants you to do your best.
I think the school is alright, but sometimes there can be communication problems. Sometimes the teachers give out far too much work and it stresses a lot of students out. I also don't like how the agricultural program deals with certain situations. I wanted to switch ag classes because I did not enjoy the class I was in at all, but they would not allow me to switch. I had to stay in a class that I dislike, just so their reputation holds.
The school is like a family community. Students from surrounding towns are apart of the school. It has a diverse population and offers agricultural programs as an option to incoming freshman. It has a strong advisor team to assist with providing the help to students who may need additional guidance with their academic challenges. I would suggest better communication and preparation with higher education and application pro ess. Advisement meetings on a more regular basis to ensure that students are placed on the right track with college prep.
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Being a student at Lyman Hall has been an amazing experience. I have had a great support system in my teachers, counselor, school principal and even my band director. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I am also proud of the fact that I am a 3rd generation student, in my family, attending Lyman Hall.
There is not much I would change, except for the interior design and infrastructure.
Lyman Hall is a school with many opportunities. With sports, clubs, and academics, if a student is willing to put in the work, they can get a lot out of Lyman Hall. And if a student is not willing to put in the work, they will receive guidance and help- they will not be ignored.
I have been a student at Lyman Hall for four years. I decided to come to Lyman Hall because I wanted to be a part of the Agriculture Science program, and I became a student in the vet science class. I have been apart of DECA, Key Club, and National Honor Society. I was a captain and MVP of the girl's varsity soccer team my senior year. Each year, seniors from Lyman Hall and their rivalry school play a powderpuff game in front of the 5,000 attending fans. Powderpuff is the biggest event for Wallingford and creates the most excitement for all students in our spirit weeks and pep rally. For 10 Sundays, senior girls have powderpuff to learn how to play football. I stayed after school with my coaches and other players for extra practice. I was a captain, a dirty sock winner, and MVP. With all of our hard work, amazing coaches, and supportive fans and our boy cheerleaders, Lyman Hall won the powderpuff game. Overall, Lyman Hall is a very welcoming and positive community.
Pretty much your average high school. The Ag program a unique opportunity for students. Most teachers are very motivated, which helps students. It's at least better than Sheehan.
Lyman Hall most of the teachers once you have had them for a year always find a way to catch up and make sure your okay. They make sure you feel safe and theres always someone to talk to. Some of the things that need to change are facilities for athletes and the criteria in hiring a coach. Lastly, something that needs to change is lunch, its the same food everyday.
There are so many phenomenal teachers and staff members that truly care about the students. The school could be improved if the students were better guided and had more freedom. When students want to customize their education, they usually have to jump through many hurdles before they get what they want, and even then, some students aren't allowed to simply change a class. If students were allowed to customize their education I would give the school five stars
Throughout my experience in lyman hall has been doing very good. This school offers great electives where students can determine what career path, they would like to persue. Academics is doing pretty well. Teachers are very helpful and has made an impact to teach their students something new every class.
It was a really good school. Great staff and professionals that are willing to go above and beyond for their students. The school handles some situations poorly that involve bullying, but other than that it is relatively good. The teachers and coaches are what make the school memorable.
The courses are interesting and many of my teachers were eager to help me succeed. There were some teachers that taught at a level that I felt was too rigorous for what they should have been teaching (e.g. an academic class being taught at an AP level).
LHHS has the benefit of hosting the Vernon E. Cleaves Agricultural Science program for any student interested in various agricultural and ecological pursuits, as well as a very good regular academic curriculum. Overall, I enjoyed my time there with all its many activities, clubs, and programs and I encourage those within its range to apply.
its okay. the staff is good and the students are okay. this school has a lot of diversity and a lot of different pathways for students to go.
Some of the teachers are amazing. Others need to retire or pursue a different career. Not very environmentally friendly. Administration is too strict. Very cliquey. There is an agricultural program but most kids in it hate it. Band is very good but chorus sucks. Most sports teams are bad and only the football and hockey teams are respected by the school.
Every school has its issues but Lyman Hall is truly great. Teachers are kind and really care about their students, they are always willing to help.
Overall, I’ve had many amazing experiences at Lyman Hall. My teachers have all been fantastic, and I’ve made memories that’ll last a lifetime! The administration and teachers are fair and truly care about the well being of their students. There are a wide variety of clubs available that will interest just about every student, and the music department is outstanding.
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I was a part of the Agricultural program, so in addition to leaving my horrible town environment I received a lot of great experiences from Lyman Hall. The school food is bad even though we have a good intro to food class. The school overall is worth it no matter how many people may call it bad it definitely prepared me for college. Although the guidance department sucks at listening to what you actually want to do, don't bother working with them too much or worrying about what they say. Do what you want and Lyman has the opportunities to do it.
I had a very average experience at Lyman Hall High School. I wish it could have been a little better in some aspects but overall I had a good time. I would like them to improve school spirit at sporting events.
Overall a very good school. The ag-Ed program provides a lot of opportunities, and we have a well developed ap program. The school culture is good, and we have a lot of extracurricular activities and sports.
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