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I enjoy how easy it is to receive help at Lyle since It's such a small student to teacher ratio. However students don't always receive the special help that they may need if they have a learning disability/barrier. Teachers also tend to favor certain students and will openly show a lack of interest in others
Things have changed since I've been in school. I graduated two years ago and the school has changed for the better. You walk into the school and feel welcome rather than feeling like you are just here to work. Classes have changed and have a variety to choose from. I've seen more students taking running start and applying for scholarships than ever before. When I was a student, the atmosphere was negative and it felt like there was a large weight on your body. It seems that most of the negativity has vanished. There are clubs focused on academics and hardly any focused on hobbies and none with students interested. The teachers have changed and I hope they have inspired students to work harder. While I might not have liked my years at Lyle I will say that it has changed from a dreary, sad place to a place of learning.
I loved the small school. They offer sports, but they should offer more clubs. I feel that the school needs to have a class to teach them how to balance a check book, look for resources when you need them, and about college. My senior year I took Running Start. This program allowed me to go full time to college while in high school. The superintendent and principal at the time did not let me take advantage of what was offered. When I wanted to do sports while in the program, I was told I could not. When it came time to apply for high school scholarships before I graduated, I was not allowed to because I was already a college student. When I made the choice to attend college they made it unpleasant and very difficult. Since my graduation 3 years ago, there are new employees and the school is awesome. My siblings love it now and I am glad to see that they are enjoying it. Now in my 4th year of college and I am in the nursing program.
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I don't think I have ever seen a school nurse here, but the schools health code is just about the same as any other school. Don't come if your sick.
The school mainly offers sports to the students, but this year they have created a place for students to study after school.
The school I attend has given me a reason to go and leave such a small town.
The teachers here this year all very new to the school, they have done a great job re-building student-teacher relationships and making themselves available to the kids in need. It's nice to see a group of teachers regain the confidence in their school.
Administrators fallow the rules closely and help out.
I've only experienced a couple school-wide threats but felt pretty safe.
There isn't very much social diversity at this school. LGBT* students are non-existent and honestly, the hallways are just filled with the same carbon copy students.
I've personally had negative experiences with the teachers.
There isn't much variety with the food
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