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my experience at Lyford high school is very good all are very friendly and the teachers help you in whatever you need
The thing that I really liked about Lyford High School is that it is a close-knit community. The administrators and teachers perform to their maximum capacity. The teachers have tutoring sessions if a student is having trouble with an area in the subject. The student body is active both academically and sports wise. The majority of the students do excellent in both of those aspects, An after-school program is offered to help students work on their homework or to get together and paint or interact with other students. The environment is friendly and energetic. Overall I really liked my years in Lyford High School.
The staff was really supportive and wanted all students to excel. They looked forward to everyone’s futures!
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Lyford High School is a small town school. This makes everyone a family and we all care for eachother. The staff wants to see every student succeed whether it’s in sports, academics, or just in life. Lyford is a school where everyone is welcomed and loved!
Enjoyable, yet average. In conversations with others my age from different school, I feel our High School could have done more, if they had the right funding. I do wish more parents got involved with their children's education and school activities.
Lyford High School unlike any other high school offers student a variety of resources. One of these resources is an access to a MacBook. Evey student is given one for their studies which really help a lot in class. Furthermore, they offer dual-credit classes which allow a student to experience class as if it were a college class. They also offer after school programs which give out food to those children if they want to eat. The program itself is fun and they go on a variety of trips throughout school and during the summer. In addition, the sports that are offered are very successful. One of out most prominent sports are cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf and track and field. The athletes who participate in these sports always go far and we have had some student go and compete at a state level. Lyford High School is one of the best schools in the valley. If you have the chance come and visit and experience what we have to offer.
Small, tight knit community. Enjoy the society around here. Everybody is able to get to know each other due to the small amount of students in the school.
Lyford High school, is a small school where teachers know every student by name. Teachers at LHS trust care about student success.
I liked Lyford High School cause, like any other school, its teachers and students. Everything about this school is what makes Lyford high school a Lyford high school. Lyford focuses on its Sports Department first, then its academic department. But don't make that sound like Lyford doesn't care about its academics. In the past few years, Lyford has started to incorporate itself with certain college courses, introducing dual enrollment classes. And might i say, they are quite dandy. Not only do i get the college credit in high school (after the harsh class itself), but I learn to know how college will work, and what to expect on how it will work.
As I enter my final year of High School here at Lyford, I honestly can't thank the teachers enough for effectively teaching their respective subjects and helping me achieve high grades. This school offers both dual enrollment from Texas A&M Kingsville and UT Austin, as well as AP to prepare us for College. One thing I would suggest is that they offer AP in Biology, World History, Chemistry, and Physics. Also we have new incoming administration, but I don't think they're make any major changes until after I guaduate.
Lyford High School is a wonderful school with many great qualities. Lyford is a small community so you can only imagine how small the school is. Since our community is small, there is not much to do in this town. I would like to change that. I would honestly love to see more activities in Lyford such as: a medium mall, more restaurant options, a drive-in, and even a bigger park with more slides and obstacle courses. These new additions could not only benefit the attendance at Lyford High School, but the happiness in the students.
Growing up going to this school was honestly one great experience. Everyone is more like family at this point. We all got to see each other grow and change into the young adults we are now. Lyford CISD is a great campus academically. They offer lots of help for students who are willing to meet them halfway and help get students ready for major tests, college, attendance and so much more. Their main goal is to see all their students walk across that stage at the end of senior year. The teachers and staff are very helpful and are more like friends who are only rough on you to see you succeed. They have your back and push and motivate us to do better for our futures. Overall Lyford CISD has been a home to me and many others. I'm grateful to have experienced this journey with my class of 2019.
In all my years that I have been in Lyford High School I have had a memorable time with friends and amazing people that have helped me achieve a higher education.
Lyford High School is a perfectly adequate place to graduate. The staff is often very nice, and the majority take great interest in the success of their students. The dual enrollment college courses in pre-calculus, Algebra, and U.S. History are excellent for giving students a glimpse into the workload of a college student. However the science department is very much under represented. Lacking in its own dual enrollment course, as well as the funding for new equipment. All in all Lyford is an average school.
I really liked it there because were all a family and if we ever needed help we could count on each other. What I really want to see a change on is how fun they make the school. I really wish they lets us have some fun and not just all be school school.
Lyford High School is an awesome school. Some teachers truly demonstrate just how dedicated they are to their work.
Lyford High School is known for its patriotism. What I'm really passionate about is their Lyford Marching Band. Not only playing as a group–for four years–was exciting, but also being a drum major and seeing the show was breathtaking. But, The only change I would like to see in this school is more career paths. For example, students who are willing to go to the medical field don't have a career class to look forward to and get the feel of it.
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My experience at Lyford high school was great, although the food lacked in quality, the students and staff were very welcoming.
Lyford high School has good amounts of clubs anyone can join. The teachers are also nice and will help you in whatever they can. The sports provided in Lyford High School are really good and everyone gets along with each other. Lunch can be improved in order for more students to go eat.
At Lyford High School, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement course work and exams. Also students are able to get tutoring and also endorse in Dual Enrollment to get a way of college courses to ready.
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